We have a new addition – “SWAGIT”

I am always on the lookout for the absolute best quality camping gear I can possibly find, knowing that we will all have better quality camping experiences – means I am positively doing my bit for the camping fraternity. I have found a brand new swag range – called?SWAGIT,?that fits that category to a ?T”. In fact,?SWAGIT?is possibly THE most intelligently designed & built swag system I have come across since Mum & Dad opened Camping Country Australia back in 1993. Equally important to the Michael Family, is keeping business as local as possible & the creators of?SWAGIT?- Darren & Julia Hoger, own & operate Travelander right here on the Sunshine Coast. ?How good is that?!? Designed by genuine Queensland campers – it shows in the design. Finally we have a super sized swag, full of ventilation to suit our Queensland climate. ?Have a look for yourself.”?

Darren & Julia Hoger have been customers of Camping Country Australia for a very long time. Darren (Born in Nambour) & Julia (born in Charleville) have owned businesses on the Sunshine Coast for years & for the past 13 years have been manufacturing a niche market camper Trailer called ?Travelander.? ?But as a second part of their business, they have now created a unique swag design that they run under the banner of ?SWAGIT?.?

In a long story short – Darren popped his head into Camping Country Australia a while back, we were talking & he mentioned that I should call around & have a look at his new model swag range – I am so glad I did. Designed by Darren & Julia themselves, you can tell the swags have been created by people who not only love camping – they have obviously camped in a hot humid & often drenching wet climate, like Queensland. ?

Here is a snapshot look for you:

Easy & versatile

In the busy modern day world we are living in, we all want things easier, quicker & more convenient. SWAGIT, has fixed all of those issues for us. These swags don?t need to be pegged – the time & hassle of driving pegs in has been taken away & they?re not needed?. period!. It gets better?? the SWAGIT swags are free standing. On a personal level, being able to set up a swag & sleep on the deck of a boat (where I cannot peg a swag or tie one out), use on the floor of a concrete verandah or even use one in an old shearers quarters out west?. having a swag free standing & pegless is brilliant. Oh & by the way – once erected, we can lift the SWAGIT up & move it around the camp wherever we want, as often as we want.

Fits 2 people comfortably:

For starters the swags are 1500mm wide (Most double swags are between 1200mm – 1400mm), so being able to stretch out & sleep cooler in summer is king in my book!?


Not having to worry about what sort of ground you are going to roll your swag out on, especially at night when you can?t see & you?ve had a long days drive – is a no brainer for me. The floor of the SWAGIT swags are made of a Truck Tarp style vinyl floor material?.. it?s the toughest you could ever want.?


Being able to sleep uninterrupted & stress free in a swag when it?s raining, definitely improves the quality of your camping experience. As I mentioned above, the base of the SWAGIT swags are made from Truck Tarp style vinyl & this can virtually never leak. Julia & Darren have taken that to another extreme by bringing the floor vinyl material up the walls of the swag (like a bath tub) an extra 100mm. It?s not rocket science – but it?s simple, smart, tough & waterproof. ? ?


Protecting your investment, ensuring your swag will last longer & knowing you basically never have to repair or up keep your swag, makes sense doesn?t it?! The SWAGIT swags all come with a carry bag with a difference. Once the carry bag is opened, a connected groundsheet to put under your SWAGIT rolls out to further protect the base of your swag. My father always taught me to put a ground sheet under a tent, a swag is no different.

Good Quality Canvas:

I have run canvas businesses with my parents for years & the one constant thing that has never changed when it comes to canvas fabric is: If the canvas is thick & heavy, it is almost always – stronger, more waterproof, will last longer & better quality hands down. Irrelevant of the marketing used by all swag companies – When it comes to good quality cotton canvas products – the heavier they are, the more cotton they will have in them & the better they are!?

For any more questions on the SWAGIT, please send me an email??or give me a call (07) 5479 3300.

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