Visiting the Largest Sand Island in the World

(written by Jarrod Camping Guru May 2017)

We have just returned from a Fraser Island family getaway, and?. ?WOW!??You can see why it?s known as Gods Country. Now for those of you who read our newsletters from afar and have never seen or heard of this magic natural phenomenon, Kerri and?I thought we would share some images with you from our trip and?take you on a small (but impeccably pretty) trip from the comfort of your living room armchair. Fraser Island is situated right on our doorstep here on the Sunshine Coast, just a two?hour drive from the front doors of Camping Country Australia, and it just happens to claim the remarkable status as ?The worlds largest sand Island?.

Whilst Kerri and?I have both been there before, it has been quite a few years between visits for both of us and it captivated like never before.?We didn?t just sit on our hands and?soak up the beach – with only a few free days at our disposal we really made the most of our time on the island. We got actively involved in loads of adventure covering countless miles across, throughout, along and?around this amazing paradise. We swam in pristine lakes, drove through tall timbered rainforests, floated down 40,000 year old springs and?spent hours soaking up the views from many of the incredible scenic lookouts? and the greatest thing of all – ?It?s all mother nature in her natural state!??

Enjoy the pictures and?feel free to leave a comment below if you wish.

Talk soon.

Jarrod Camping Guru.?


  • Craig says:

    G’day Jarrod & family;

    Thanks so much for your article about Fraser Island, it was a beaut read & aren’t we Aussies so luckily fortunate to have such a large
    ” Sand Island ” on our doorstep?

    Absolutely enjoyed your pics, they were bonza! I’ve seen F. I. pics before, but you showed me places on it I’ve never seen. The couple of shots of your vehicle down the road being ” dwarfed ” by the massive gums are quite simply . . . ” Outstanding “.

    Now, I don’t mean to offend, but may I politely suggest in future you use a selfie extension stick at its furthermost extent which places you more equitably as part of the background, instead of at arms-length. Cause the latter makes it so obvious that ” you ” dominate the picture & such beautiful, wild scenery behind you becomes mere piffle in regard to overall picture depth. That’s my only small gripe.

    Regarding your previous notification about selling up & moving on to newer adventures while your family is young, I whole-heartedly support such action, all of you have earned it &, you certainly won’t regret such a big change. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your educational camping vid’s, multiple times, which are as ” down to earth ” as the old Mal & Mike Leyland brothers iconic film-doco’s of Australia’s great outdoors.

    All the best!!

  • Murray says:

    Great stuff Jarrod! My favourite place on the planet. Love the pics but agree with Craig, 4 days is not nearly enough for Fraser! But you’ll make up for that I’m sure…

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