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Welcome to my world and my love for Australia?s natural environment. It?s where I disconnect to reconnect with nature. After all, I believe Mother Nature dishes up some of the best soul medicine on Earth.


Growing up on the Sunshine Coast meant we did lots of beach camping as kids, and we still do today. I have so many amazing memories of fishing, surfing and playing in the sand ? and my two daughters are collecting similar memories now.? The senses really got a work out when camping up the beach; watching the dolphins swim past just after lunch every day, drifting off to sleep to the mesmerising sound of the waves rolling in and waking up to the sun piercing through the front door of the tent. It?s a sunrise you?ll never forget

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My parents moved from the Mallee district in Victoria to the Sunshine Coast when I was about eight years old. Up until that time I have very vivid memories of bush camping on the Murray River and surrounding lakes and the Grampians. As a young bloke camping in the bush, there was nothing better than waking up to the sound of Kookaburras laughing, sitting on the bank of a river all day with our fishing lines in the water, the opera house yabby pots working their magic and watching the sunset between enormous crooked gum trees. The twiggy was always lit (Mallee talk for a camp fire) with fresh lamb chops and flat cut chips cooking on the hot plate for dinner – what great memories!

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Picture this, you?re driving out on the open road, it?s hot, the car windows are up tight and the air conditioner is on. You turn off the highway and make your way down the road to your rainforest campground destination and the green landscape scenery starts to change for the better. The sealed road turns to dirt, you?re passing over the odd cattle grid and to reach your destination, you feel like you are driving through some privately owned properties (which you probably are). All of a sudden you have to….

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I don?t know what it is, but the soothing properties of water are just so amazingly healthy for us. I have two little girls and they would swim in water all day if they could. When camping, we swim in it, kayak on it, fish in it and we use it as a necessity for survival – to drink! It?s by no means a coincidence that our minds and our bodies are subconsciously drawn to it when it comes to camping. Whether it is a creek, a river, a dam, an inlet or a larger lake, we just love being near water. Some of my fondest memories are camping on freshwater lakes and rivers and waking up to thick fog covering the water and the sound of plovers flying across somewhere in the distance. There is nothing like watching the sunset over the water either, I believe it?s one of the prettiest sights in the natural world.

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