The New Camping Country Australia Store

As the saying goes Rome wasn?t built in a day. We still have plenty to do but that?s OK, it will be an evolving process that is massaged and made right over the coming month or two with a bit of elbow grease, some late nights, quite a few Nanna naps and some wonderful creativity from many people around us. As a family, we definitely have something quite special to show you.

To dangle a carrot… what you are about to experience in the new store is possibly one of Australia?s most innovative, creative & exciting new camping store experiences. Bucking the trend of a traditional retail camping store, I have created a shopping experience unlike anything seen before. Complete with real life campsites and yesteryear decor, in store you will get to see and experience exactly how a real life campsite would work out in the bush. How it looks, feels, interacts and works. It shows how the correct great quality products can successfully work in synergy and unison with each other. The desired outcome is that it helps to make your next camping trip as stress free, easy, comfortable, memorable (for all the good reasons!), and as fun as possible.

Throughout the fit-out I invited you to come down for a sneak peak at what was going on. I would like to thank so many of you that have made the effort to come down for a look already. I took loads of pictures throughout the process and I have decided to showcase them below. For those of you on Facebook, you may have seen some of them already.

Camping Country Australia is in a wonderful new position and being that it is our original store premises, it really does feel like home. It?s easy to get to, it?s central, and as many of you know, the access is off the Maud St – Sugar Rd roundabout, which makes for some of easiest parking access on the Sunshine Coast. On that note, don?t forget to bring down your gas bottle for a fill. The gas filling canisters are actually in our car park.

Thanks again folks. From my parents Rob and Marg, my wife Kerri and I, and of course our two girls, we look forward to seeing you in store. ?Enjoy the photo?s?

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