The Happy Bowl

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With the upcoming demonstration based around portable camping toilets. I thought I would showcase the most amazing & simple product that has made using a portable camping toilet so much easier… not only that it keeps it spotlessly clean.

So…. what is happy bowl? It?s surely not rocket science, but it does wonders I can assure you!

Happy Bowl is a genius idea that makes for a spotlessly clean toilet. It is a piece of paper that pops open to line the inside of your toilet bowl. It?s ideal use is for those of us who want to use our portable camping toilet for solids as well as liquids.

Without going into too much detail, open up the sheet & place it inside your toilet bowl. Do your business & flush away. When you flush your toilet with the built in hand pump, the circulating water folds the Happy Bowl paper around your waste & it slips the waste down into the holding tank of your toilet….. stain free! (Sorry for the visual graphics)

With fear of upsetting the readers, I won?t talk about it any more. Make sure you pop in & check them out for yourself. They come in a packet of 50 & will slot into the glovebox of your car or even a small draw in the ensuite of your caravan.

For any questions you might have on the Happy Bowl, please feel free to email me.

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