Everyday I am asked for products that simply don?t exist. Often these products and ideas make pure common sense to you and?I, but they are not always available as we would hope they would be.

Something I am incredibly proud of and it most definitely sets our family business apart from the norm, is the fact we can sometimes modify and?customise?camping products to suit individual needs. This was the case with some wonderful customers I met in the store recently, Mark and Lucy, who were looking for a particular style of swag.

They were about to embark on an adventure into northern?Australia?and the Outback. It was going to be hot, could be raining, they would be stopping and starting constantly and they needed a versatile swag that didn?t take them hours to erect with guy ropes and pegs.?I showed them my?favourite?swag, Outdoor Connection?s 5 Star Double Swag.

The double swag was almost perfect but it wasn?t able to ?free stand? without the need to use pegs and guy ropes. With a bit of discussion, a few thrown around ideas, 10 minutes on Camping Country Australia?s industrial sewing machine and some adjustable tent pole modifications, we had a winner!? One double sized you?beaut??free standing??swag !

I have now modified?each and every Outdoor Connection 5 star swag?that we sell at Camping Country Australia, so make sure you pop in and have a look for yourself.

Mark & Lucy have used their swag up North, loved it, and have taken the time to send me an e-mail, which included some great photos. Thanks guys! (Doesn?t it just make you want to go camping right now!?)

If you have any questions on the 5 Star Swag please?email?me using the form to the side.


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