Steve’s Hinterland Bushwalk


I?m Steve one of the team here at Camping Country Australia. I?ve just finished uni for the year and since Jarrod gave me the day off last weekend I decided to grab a couple of mates and head to the hinterland for a much needed bit of back to nature. We left the coast early and spent the day exploring Booloumba Creek up steam of Artists Cascade. The creek was a bit low and in need of a flush out after the dry winter, but the scenery was still spectacular with plenty of swimming holes to cool off. Here are a few pics of the day.


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  • Beverley Heading says:

    Hi Steve….loved the pictures of Booloumba Creek……my Grandfather dairy farmed on Booloumba Creek and my Mum went to school at Booloumba… way back in 1934 to 1938!!!
    I haven’t been down there for ages…. must round up some friends and go.
    Xmas greetings to all at Camping Country Australia.

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