Seasoning and Waterproofing your Canvas Tent


I have been asked a lot lately how to look after your new canvas tent and I had some wonderful advice from a passionate camping enthusiast last week on putting this information on our website (what a great idea!). So Kerri and I decided shoot some footage and put together a 4 part series on how to care and maintain your most valuable camping asset? your tent! We will be releasing one each week for the next 4 weeks and this weeks Canvas Care tip is on how to ?Season your new canvas tent.?

They are only short (4 minutes in total) – but will most definitely get you off on the right foot when it comes to preparing your tent for the best camping experience and memories forever. As the saying goes, great childhood memories are forged in front of the TV!

If you do have any further questions on seasoning your canvas tent, make sure you leave a message below.


  • Matt says:

    Hi Jarrod,

    We’ve got a Brampton tent that’s a few years old. We’ve used it numerous times over the last few years, but never had it in rain. Is it too late to season the tent or will it potentially leak in damp situations due to not being done earlier?


    • Jarrod Michael says:

      Hi Matt. That’s a great question & one that I do get asked a lot. The seasoning of a tent is for Canvas tents only – ie: heavily cotton based. You are in a position where your tent is synthetic (100% polyester), therefore your tent is pre seam sealed by the manufacturer & doesn’t need any extra work to waterproof. The Brampton tent in mention has a plastic tape that is heat welded on the underside of the material (on the outer fly). On that note & something I would like my readers to know about – many modern day canvas tents are pre manufactured & seam sealed with the plastic tape just like your brampton tent. This begs a MASSIVE question “How do you weld a plastic tape to cotton?” In short… you cannot weld a plastic tape to cotton & any canvas that does have a plastic tape welded to it has either 1) A high mixture of polyester woven into the cloth – or – 2) The canvas is totally sealed with polyurethane, which in fact can become a sweat box that doesn’t breath. This type of canvas tent does not need seasoning either. I guess that begs the question of “Is it really canvas or not?” But that’s not for me to decide! Thanks Matt.

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