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Jarrod Michael Last weekend, my two girls and I had some beautiful Dad and daughter time camping together. We headed on out to Sandy Creek near Kilcoy, and it was there and then I came to an awesome self interested decision. ?I am still a cool dad!? The other decision I came to was ?My girls are 4 & 6, I may not hold that title for too much longer!? Irrelevant of this however, we had a blast of fun with some good friends. The fire was a life saver at night and we let mum off the hook whilst she spent some quality time with her best friend on her 40th birthday. Yes darl…. we did miss you and I know you are reading this! Whilst camping, I became actively trigger happy with the camera (Enjoy the pics) and I thought I would give you a short blurb on what I thought of Sandy Creek also.


  • Jarrod (Yours truly), with my 2 daughters.
  • Cedarvale Rd
    • Head West from Caboolture on the D?Aguilar Hwy. towards Woodford. Turn right 12kms past Woodford at Mary Smokes Creek Rd. Drive 16 kms to Cedarvale Rd. then turn left for 2.5 to ?Sandy Creek Campin?.
  • Over 500 acres of land
Hosts: Brian & Narelle
  • Owned & operated family Business. Brian bought the property approx, 15 years ago & started from scratch with a clean slate & has created what you see today. Needless to say, they have been very busy and you can clearly see the hard work they have put in.
Date Of Visit:
  • Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th of May 2014

? Weather:

  • The weather was to die for. It had apparently rained the Friday night before and then the weather turned it on for us perfectly! It was the first cold snap of the year and it was certainly undeniably cold on the Saturday night. In fact it was just 4 degree?s celcius at 7:00am in the morning. (It seemed much colder when I woke at 5:00am earlier!) By 10:00am we had our shorts and shirts back on and the rest is history…!
  • Toilets & Hot Showers:
    • Basic, quite new, very comfortable & incredibly neat.
    • Hot water that is run from burning timber. The fire to heat the hot water is lit every morning early and mid afternoon by Brian the owner.
  • 240 Volt power:
    • Not available
  • Use of petrol generators:
    • Yes, but only between the hours of 10am -12 midday.
    • From a personal point of view, I am not a big fan of petrol generators (Especially as I sit down to enjoy the piece and quiet sounds of nature at night). However, I thought running generators for a set time period during the middle of the day was a fair and reasonable compromise.
  • Dog Friendly:
    • Yes, you can bring a dog. Standard rules apply here.
  • Camp Fires:
    • Yes
    • Wood is available to purchase by the bag or 1/4 of a ute load. Can be delivered to your campsite upon request.
  • Phone coverage:
    • There is NO phone coverage available. (This is one of the things I actually loved!)
  • Pushbikes:
    • Yes, you can bring your pushbikes. Kids have right of way – over vehicles.
  • 4 Wheel Driving:
    • There are over 20 kms of 4WD tracks on the 500 acre property. Standard ?Non-Hooligan? rules apply here. (As quoted by owner Brian).
  • Walking tracks available all over property.
  • Fishing:
    • NO fishing allowed. Many of the fish here are small and protected.
Main Claim (As per website)
  • Sandy Creek Campin? is a family run campground, hidden in the quiet hills, just a short drive through the countryside behind Kilcoy, in South East Queensland.
Other Comments:
  • Rubbish:
    • There are no rubbish dump bins on site. You must take all of your own rubbish out of the park with you.
  • Access:
    • 2 Wheel drive is all that is required. Most of the road in is sealed with the exception of 2.5kms of unsealed (graded) road, just prior to property entry. All cars will be able to get in and out.
  • Internet:
    • There is NO internet access. To make a booking there is a landline only. To book, there are certain times to call that suit.
My Personal Overview:
From the minute you enter the gate to Sandy Creek Campin?? (Camping Grounds), you feel awesome. Driving through the entry, you pass under the natural roof top canopy and down over the causeway of the spectacular Sandy Creek. You make your way up to the ?more character than I?ve ever seen? home built cottage, where you are met with some good old fashioned and cheeky country service. Straight away, you are made to feel at home. This relaxed feel stays with you for the weekend.
The camping areas are well maintained, they are neat and all the amenities that I saw were impeccably clean.
The little things that I loved were:
  • No phone coverage. (Work can stay at work)
  • No internet available. (Kids actually have to sit and talk to each other)
  • No power available (Leave the electronic comforts of home…. at home)
  • It?s close to home. (Easy for a quick weekend away)
We had a ball and we will be back.

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  • Shirleyhirly says:

    We found this GREAT camping spot threw f/b it was a gem of a find,Brian was a great owner & always stopped for a chat to see how we were getting on OR did we need any thing,Will b back.

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