Rainforest Bushwalk

Over the Easter break, we had a wonderful friends and?family day walk in the Kenilworth State Forest. The well needed rain last month brought this magical place to life! As we drove through the Booloumba Creek camping area we passed the last of three?designated camping spots (Area 3), we then hit a sign that told us 4WD only and?that we still had another 9 Kilometres to go. We climbed a rough rocky road up through the steep hillside with our vehicle and once we arrived at the Falls carpark, we all piled out – threw on our daypacks and?we took off through the scrub. As we started to walk it wasn?t long before the environment started to change – the air started to cool under the rainforest roof canopy and?the sound of running water could be heard trickling away somewhere down the steep embankment to our left. We couldn?t see the water, but it instantly made you relax, and?you could feel any unwanted tension start to disappear (amazing that water does that to us isn?t it?). Your mind is in awe – there are all these totally new natural sights, sounds, smells and subtle fluctuations of temperature that could be felt on your skin. So out came my beloved digital Cannon Camera and I got a little trigger happy taking as many shots as possible. I thought I would share a few of those with you and?maybe even a small bit of footage. By the way, the water was freezing? but getting in was one of the best things I have done for a long time?.. Nature does wonders for the Mind Body and?Soul!


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