Portable Camping Toilet Demonstration

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After talking to a few of my customers here instore over the past few weeks. I have had a request or two for an instore demonstration on portable camping toilets. It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have & there can be some touchy questions people would like to ask….. but not sure how to! Let me sort all of that out for you & make sure you come on in & listen to what I have to say. (Event details)

Possibly the most uncomfortable thing to talk about with our customers here at Camping Country Australia would have to be ?Camping Toilets!? The conversation always ends in giggles & usually with uncomfortable words like ?Number ones?, or ?Number two?s? & without fail, there is an evoked rowdy discussion of ?Do we really need one??

On a personal level, the portable camping toilet was something I resisted. After all it is a little easier for men than it is women, should the need arise. That was until I had a couple of little girls that went through toilet training. Not to mention a wife that was hesitant of walking across to the toilets at night, with fear of our kids stepping on a slithery Joe Blake (Snake for those of you reading this outside of Australia). OK…Ok….ok, I admit it! I now use our camping portable toilet as much as the girls do. It has definitely made camping for the Michael family, so much more stress free for all concerned.

So for everything you need to know about portable camping toilets, make sure you come along & have a listen to yours truly. Find out all there is to know on how they work, which one would suit your camping set up, how the chemicals work, how to empty them & of course what makes for a good quality portable camping toilet.

What: Potable camping toilet demonstration:

  • Where: Camping Country Australia. 68 Wises Rd Maroochydore
  • When: Saturday 15th June
  • Time: 2:00pm

For any questions you might have, please feel free to email me

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