Margy and Robert

What can I say, these two awesome specimens have given me a wonderful upbringing.? By taking us camping as kids they have given us adventures we will never forget. Both born in the Mallee district in country Victoria, my mum and dad were raised on wheat and sheep farms in the bush so they were surrounded with a life on the land from an early age. Dad was a fanatical fisherman and Mum loved nothing more than relaxing on the bank of the Murray River. They moved to Queensland when I was just eight years old and it was Fraser Island, Booloumba Creek, Kenilworth and the spectacular Sunny Coast hinterland of Imbil that we camped at most growing up. Thanks guys!

Jarrod – Kerri – Maisie and?Sari

I first met my beautiful wife on a blind date through some good friends many moons ago! I vividly remember taking Kerri on our first camping trip to Double Island Point on the beach north of Noosa. I made sure I packed the most comfortable camping chair known to man as I wanted her to relax and of course impress her. Kerri and I sat around the fire and talked rubbish all night? the common interests were fantastic and we haven?t looked back since (however, she sat on a timber stump the whole night). Kerri grew up in Maryborough Queensland and had the same camping experiences as I did as a kid. All these years later with two beautiful girls of our own (biased here), we love camping more than anything in the world. Even better we love to watch our two girls play outside and we love the heathy lifestyle benefits they receive through getting back to nature.

Steve Hannay

Steve is our ?off the beaten track? bush walker. It?s not too uncommon for Steve to just throw on a backpack and head bush. The more remote it is, the more spectacular it is, and the more fun he is having. Steve has travelled Australia, and lived in the bush. He has a soft spot for bushwalking in remote Tasmania and has been through many different countries the world over. Steve doesn?t need a lot of adventure gear as he is a true minimalist camper – but everything he has is the best you can get! It?s quality for Steve all the way!

Giles Wilson

Giles is a true outdoorsman. You would class him as an all round adventurer that has many different outdoor experiences under his belt. Born on the land, Giles is a NSW country lad that grew up immersed in nature and he loves getting as wildly remote as possible. With a passion biased towards ultra lightweight hiking and base camping – Giles has hiked through Tasmania blizzards and North Queensland heat waves. His adventure doesn?t stop in Australia, as he has extensively travelled the world with nothing but a backpack, some clothes?and a camera to his name. Active everyday with a surfing addiction – Giles gets his back to nature fix on a daily basis, something we love to see.?

Denise Taylor

Denise is our resident Kiwi who now calls the Sunshine Coast home. A very busy young Mum of four ever-so-cheeky billy lids (kids), Denise loves to take the family away camping and she genuinely understands how important it is to be organised, structured and prepared when it comes to camping. She also understands how important it is to get her kids out of the concrete jungle and into the green one. Downtime in nature for the kids, away from the TV, computer games and iPad is crucial in her eyes. She loves nothing more than seeing the kids run around all day and she loves that they are worn out at the end of the day and go to bed early because she gets more quiet relaxing mum time around the fire!

Tegen White

Tegen is our quirky Brit! Hailing from England, Tegen and her Aussie hubby, Alex, have spent four years living, working and camping in remote Weipa in North Queensland. Her stories and genuine experience of camping in swags, fishing, eating mud crab, four-wheel driving and getting back to nature (i.e: sleeping under the stars), makes you want to pack up and head to Cape York, right now. The Sunshine Coast is now home for Tegen, which is great as she has a love affair with the ocean and she gets to enjoy a very healthy lifestyle that involves a daily surf. With a true outdoor spirit that shines through, Tegen understands the benefits that only true remote outdoor camping experiences do for the soul!