?Camping? Healthy for the Mind, Body and Soul!?

Our Mission

?To deliver the natural world to our clients in a way that improves their quality of life; through providing unique camping knowledge, information, education and entertainment, and the absolute best camping gear and in turn, encourage the most fun-filled camping experience of their lives.?


?To build the best known business and personal brand in the world of camping, to empower human beings to explore nature as a means of achieving a healthy lifestyle (mind body and soul) via a fun-filled recreational lifestyle.?

Our Moral Conscience

?The story of our moral conscience is predominantly to reunite families (more importantly children) and nature to ensure the natural world is more deeply valued – respected and protected.?To make camping?easier, healthier and more sustainable by reducing risk through better products and education to nourish body, mind and soul.

How our conscience came about:

Many years ago Kerri and I were camping amongst the picturesque Sunshine Coast hinterland and as we sat under our tarp, relaxing in our favourite camping chairs, we saw a young family pull up beside us and make the most of the vacant campsite next door. It was obvious this was their first proper camping experience ? they had ALL of the brand new camping gear straight out of the catalogue.

For a few hours we sat back and watched this poor young family?s camping trip unfold disastrously right before our eyes. They might have been sold all the new gear, but what they didn?t get for their money was any understanding on how to set up camp properly. As bad weather rolled in and the light turned to dark, it wasn?t long before the stress levels skyrocketed, taking a toll on this young families camping adventure. Battered and bruised they packed up camp at first light with a drenched tent, wet bedding, and a severe lack of sleep. For what could have been an amazing life changing experience for those kids in the great outdoors, would most probably result in a severe distaste for camping that might never take place again. How sad is that?

We didn?t know it at the time, but witnessing that family?s negative experience?that night made it clear to us, that Kerri and I had a wealth of camping experience and know-how, and that those two things were as equally as important as having the right gear. From that moment, we felt compelled to share our knowledge and inspire others to improve camping for the broader camping community forever!
All these years later Kerri and I now own our very own camping store, Camping Country Australia. That single event has built an insatiable desire for us to enhance, contribute and improve the quality of ?camping life? for as many campers as possible.
At Camping Country, we are all avid campers and we really know our gear well because we?ve tried, tested and use it ourselves! We want everyone who comes into our store to have the best camping experiences possible because it?s so healthy and natural. We believe in disconnecting to reconnect with nature because it?s good for the mind, body and soul!