Camping Partners

Active Arc Shelter

When it comes to exceptionally high quality tents, there is nothing better than sleeping inside the purity of a Naturally Fibered shelter. This active arc framed tent is manufactured from 100% Cotton only, and due to the traditional breathability, durability, strength, and impeccable silicon based water proofing quality, it is uniquely unparalleled in the modern day world of quick erecting tents. Imported by a wonderful local Queensland family business, who themselves have over 12 years in the camping industry. Never before have we partnered with a canvas tent supplier that has delivered the quality, comfort and style of this aesthetically pleasing tent. A great investment that will give you years of camping pleasure, that can be passed down and cherished by kids and grandkids to come. I don?t know what it is, but when you sleep in a natural fibered tent, you just seem to sleep with ease!

Malcolm Kennard – Supex Tent Poles

Who said you can?t competitively custom build and manufacture right here in Australia? Supex are living proof you can. Here at Camping Country Australia we have all of our adjustable tarp/tent poles, manufactured to our exact specifications by Malcolm and his family in Goulburn NSW. This family business was started by their father who still turns up to contribute to the family business today. Malcolm and his family are beautifully humble people, that my parents have been working with since 1993. Their superior quality products are built incredibly strong and are cleverly designed by engineers who also use their products. The next time you go camping and get hit with some bad weather, it will be our Supex tent and tarp poles that will keep you grounded!

Cameron and Kirk – Korr Lighting systems

Cameron and Kirk are two best mates who have single handedly changed the way LED lighting is used for camping. Kirk a fishing enthusiast, and Cameron an electronics guru, tripped over their business almost by sheer fluke. They decided to build an LED boat lighting system to suit the gunnels of Kirk?s boat. The concept went viral after a small story and photo of their LED system was published in an outdoor fishing magazine and Korr was instantly born. Manufacture started in Kirk?s backyard and today, Korr has grown exponentially. A family business, employing family and friends, Korr has an infectious culture that definitely flows through to the customer and we are proud to stock their exceptional products.

Justin and Leonie Kerley – Diamantina

Justin and his wife Leonie have a story that is similar to ours. Involved in a traditional family camping business, Justin started working with his parents after he left school. Just like myself – Justin has many fond memories of family camping trips growing up. Based on the NSW Central Coast, Justin and Leonie now love camping with their own young family whenever they get the opportunity. They have designed and developed their own range of camping products called Diamantina. It?s high quality gear that is designed by genuine campers and it shows.?The quality in design most definitely flows through to the customer!

Mike – Cutting Edge Canvas

What sets Camping Country Australia apart from the norm is the fact we custom build some of our products to suit the exact needs and wants of our camping customers – after all, no one knows exactly what you want? like you do! We do this by supporting a local family business called Cutting Edge Canvas – based right here on the Sunny Coast. Mike has years of experience and having owned and operated canvas businesses ourselves for years, there are not too many people I trust to deliver exceptional quality. Being passionate about supporting Australian made where possible, Mike gets the tick of approval when building very high quality camping gear.