Our New Store

Our new Store?

For those of you who don?t know, the site of our new store is actually positioned in our original premises on the Roundabout at 51 Sugar Rd, Maroochydore. ?We?re coming home!? This Monday September the 1st I receive the keys in my hot little hand & we?re chomping at the bit as a family to get busy on setting up Australia?s most exciting Camping Store.

Very cheekily, my father once used a marketing message that said ?If you?re not at the roundabout, you?re at the wrong shop!? (But I won?t be saying that? bahahahaha). With that said, you wont miss us, we will most definitely stand out!

Pop In for a look

Whilst we will be fitting out the store for a few weeks, make sure you come down in the interim & pop your head in for a look to see it take shape. Be careful though, my wife Kerri might clip a carpenters nail bag on you when you?re not looking & then that?s it….. you?e on the payroll!

Gas Fills

Most importantly, within the first few days of entering the new store we will be filling gas bottles. So don?t be shy, bring down your gas bottle & we will fill it on the spot. Please also feel free to leave it with us while you duck out & do a spot of shopping.


If there is something you would like to purchase I would love you to come down prior to our Gand Opening, the doors are open! I may not have it sitting on a shelf perfectly, but I will have access to almost all of our gear. Mum (Margy), said to tell you it will be all at her finger tips.


The parking at our new premises is awesome & is by far the easiest on the strip. It?s no secret that Sugar Rd has terrible parking & access, but the great news is that Camping Country Australia is totally exempt from this. Access to our new store is off the Maud St & Sugar Rd Roundabout & is at the back of the store, access in Norval Ct.