Our Interim Outdoor Shop

I love thinking outside the box & I love doing things differently. I believe that in business today, you need to stand out, be creative, be active, never be scared to try new things & have a good old crack! With not being able to get my 2 landlords to sychronise for a short period between our old & new store, that?s exactly what we did. We came up with the idea to set up the outdoor camping store in the Maroochydore CBD. Not only that, we did it with a big bang & celebrated our 21st Birthday! Check out what we got up to.

The days of boring old retail are gone….. they?re over! And who wants to be mediocre? Not me, that?s for sure! That is what was on my mind when we were tossing around what our options were for the interim between our 2 stores.

Whatever we did, I had 3 prerequisites:

  • We had to do something that would stand out
  • We had to do something that was memorable
  • It had to involve the Sunshine Coast community

That?s when my father-in-law (a left field thinker) threw an idea past me about setting up our camping store in a tent! Wow, what an idea! ?Do you think it?s possible?,? I thought.

Well guess what? It was possible & that was exactly what we did. Just at the end of Ocean St, Maroochydore (9 Church St, to be exact), Camping Country Australia set up shop for four weeks, out in the elements. The weather was gorgeous, the Sunshine Coast locals embraced it (like they always do) & we had one hell of a time.

I brought along some great sponsors to get involved. All of them were a local family business which as you know is something I am crazy about! They were all fantastic, they all got involved where possible & everyone made a real solid effort. ?Thanks crew!?

They included:

  • TBS Security
  • Ken Mills Toyota
  • RhinoMax Camper Trailers
  • Australian Wide Annexes
  • Ozpig
  • Kodiak Tents (Longway Leisure)

My last thought ?

The one thing that I really loved, was showcasing our tents in the exact way they would be used in real life. I don?t know what it is, but having the ability to walk into a tent that is literally set up on real grass is so soothing.? Enjoy the pics below.

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