Organising your Camping Food

Who?s sick of searching through camp food boxes on the ground? Horrible isn?t it? Not only have you got to constantly bend over (not good on our backs) – it becomes very frustrating when wasting your very own ‘valuable camping peace and?quiet time’?looking for a particular food product that you cannot seem to find (I thought camping was meant to be easy?). If you want to make camping food more organised and?so much easier at the campsite? have you thought of a camping pantry? Here is my top 4 tips on choosing a quality camping pantry.?

Camping Life made easy with food

For those who have never used a camping pantry, you don?t know what you?re missing out on? they are so damn good for us! For starters, when you want to find something it?s packed right in front of your eyes – it?s easy to find which gives you more time to relax, reduces your stress levels because miss/mr 8 year old (who?s life is going to end if they don?t get a biscuit in 10 seconds), is happy and?on their way. Your camping life just became easy!

My top 4 tips on a good Camping Pantry?

There is a plethora of camping pantries available that come in different heights, widths, designs, prices, and as you can guess? Qualities! So to make sure you decide on the right option for you, I thought I would give you ?My top 4 tips? on what makes a great camping pantry – Great!

Ease of use

The only negative I receive from people who have used camping pantries previously, is the fact they took forever to assemble. For those of you in this boat, I am sorry to say that you have probably purchased the wrong type! Todays smartly designed camping pantries are what I consider ‘quick fold and?assembly’. The last thing you want to be doing when camping is wasting 1/2 an hour sorting the front from the back, threading pipes and?connecting a plethora plastic knuckles (that will probably not be available as a spare part should one break). The first thing I would do when looking at a camping pantry is to physically trial and test how it folds away yourself in a store.?

Support the weight

Believe it or not, I purchase these products just like you, only I have a massive advantage. That is the fact I can walk from supplier to supplier at our national camping retail shows, with the ability to test and?trial each individual pantry in the space of an hour. I push, pull, prod and?twist to test it?s integral quality, and?if all of those tests tick the boxes I require? – I have one last test that must come up trumps. That test is how the shelves support weight in the middle. Tinned food (for example) is not too uncommon to be stored in camping pantries, I want to know how much the shelves will sag . This is, without a doubt, the greatest undoing when purchased, sight unseen!


Nothing has changed when it comes to ‘the more moving parts, the higher the chance that something could go wrong’. Keep it simple is the call of the day! Less knuckles, less hinges, less plastic and more solidness that usually comes with simplicity in design. The biggest tell tail in loss of strength with a pantry, unfortunately shows it?s nasty nose once your pantry is erected and?full of food – they start to twist?and want to fall over.? Minimalism in design is the call of the day and once again, this is something you need to touch, feel and?test (twist) instore… never sight unseen!


How compact a camping pantry folds, comes with a compromise. The more compact it folds, the more moving parts the camping pantry usually has – not always a good thing with long term strength and stability after a fair bit of continual opening and?closing. The more bulky a camping pantry folds away, will most of the time gain simplicity in design, and almost always this ends in a camping pantry with more structural integrity (less moving parts). So I guess this has a for and against, depending on your situation and requirements (basically a decision is made around storage whilst in transit to and from camping). I would look at a camping pantry with an external carry bag, this usually means less damage and?cleaning on the bench top of your pantry.?


If you?re in the market for a camping pantry, I hope my top 4 tips have come in handy. Being one that has a passion for quality and a severe distaste for cheap camping products that are used twice, then fail and get buried in our earth – you will have probably guessed that I only offer ‘what I consider’ the best camping pantry I can find. Before you ask ?what brand?’,?I am totally not brand loyal, but I can almost guarantee that I have probably purchased it from a Family Owned Business/stockist! My brands change often and are?always based on the best quality I can find at the time. When something better quality, more innovative or technically advanced comes along (that will improve our camping experience for the better)? I jump ship in a heartbeat.?

If you have any questions on the camping pantries or you would like to make a comment – please leave a message below.

Happy camping and?talk soon!


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