Nourished Through Nature

Well I?ve passed the honeymoon period of my new venture in learning and am now getting down to some nitty gritty hard yakka that is getting the brain working overtime!?

Something that has really stood out for me is just how much ?Food is Mood?. People don?t correlate it at first, but as they progress along it becomes painfully obvious that majority of the time when you feel a little spacey, shaky or even down for no good reason, it can be correlated to what you?ve put down your hatch. It can also work the other way ?Mood is Food?, if you get cravings a lot, it can mean there is something else in your life lacking & your body?s trying to make up for, even if it?s just a bad nights sleep or something emotionally not quite in balance, so you put chocolate or chips down the hatch, this in turn puts you back to the ?food is mood? stage and all of a sudden, you get the idea, you?re on a merry go round. I personally experienced this and was dumbfounded by how obvious it actually was just a few weeks ago.

It?s now times like these, when my head is spinning that I sit back, take a chill pill and know what needs to be done. That would be check in and reconnect with our nearest and dearest – Dial 1300 ‘Mother Nature’, trust me she saves the day 9 out of 10 times. Even if its just for a few minutes, she?s got your back. Be it sitting in a rainforest with your feet in water, staring into a fire thinking of… (we don?t really want to know what you?re thinking of haha), listening to birds, a stream flowing or just the wind in the trees.. Whatever floats your boat that you need to unwind the mind, go there and chill out, eat only good wholesome food and reboot the brain and body. Trust me on this, you?ll walk away doing the happy dance!

Jarrod and I took the girls out not so long ago to do just this after a very busy couple of weeks. I found myself just sitting there zoned out with my eyes shut and I loved every moment of it! I think especially hearing my children running around giggling and making their own fun. Second to that was the food, glorious healthy food! I quite often dream of what we will be eating long before I even begin to think of planning anything else: I try to only ever use what?s seasonal where possible. Why? It?s as simple as this: It’s how nature intended it to be! And we as humans have messed with that.


A great way to ensure this is to eat organically, and if this is unaffordable, at least eat spray free, and know your children aren?t eating toxins or pesticides that build up in their small bodies over the years to come and create havoc at a later date. Second to eating seasonal, I absolutely LOVE eating locally sourced product, it just feels down right good!.. we are so so lucky to have pretty much everything we could need grown, reared or made right here on the Sunshine Coast!?

A great way of doing this is your local farmers market. Here?s what I made on our last trip, it was very grounding on a cold night: It doesn?t have an official name, so I?ll call it ‘Kerri?s Camp Oven Pumpkin Surprise’. I like it! Very original of me!?

Everything listed is from local sources: Beautiful fresh veg from our local farmers market, sauces by Maleny Cuisine, a local family owned company, they have no nasties added to them and you can tell this when you?re eating them. Delish! Infact I kept dipping my finger in them, but don?t tell anyone 😉

If you like the look of the camp oven meal, please feel free to contact me at and I?ll send it through in a pdf for you.

Til next time,

Kerri x

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