My Glamping Experience

Happy Birthday Jarrod. Oh by the way, guess what? ?I?m taking you Glamping!? A bit stunned & apprehensive, I don?t sit real well with the idea Glamour?Camping to be honest. My idea of enjoying the Natural Outdoor Recreational Lifestyle does not include a luxury queen size mattress & a antique French bath manufactured in the late 1800?s! None-the-less it was a camping experience I have never tried & I love to try new things. So out of the comfort zone we go & it turned out to be an amazing experience I will never forget.

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The car was packed, the kids were dropped off at Grandma?s for two nights & Kerri & I were free!
We headed out to Beaudesert via Tamborine & once at Beaudesert we hightailed south 35 KLM?s until we hit our destination at Nightfall Wilderness Camp. Unbeknown to us at the time, we were situated at the base of Lamington National Park. As we drive in over this small flowing creek, this beautiful big smile came walking towards us.

We were greeted by the owner Heidi, introduced ourselves & had a royal tour around the most remarkable property. Here we were stepping out of our car gob smacked at the landscape. We had just driven over crystal clear flowing creeks, taken photo?s of wallabies, passed some of the most amazing green farming country & here we were sitting right in the middle of a gorge with cliff faces surrounding us as far as the eye could see.

We felt so small. Already my heart rate had slowed & I felt a warm sense of relaxation flow through the body from top to toe.

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I can?t explain the feeling you have sleeping in a luxurious tent but it makes you feel pretty damn ?good. With weather over our 2 night stay ranging from hot, cool & rain. Being able to sleep with 100% airflow all the way around you at all times, look across the gorge with the moonlight on it at night & listen to the nocturnal wildlife just a few feet from your bed ?up in the canopy? – was a sure way to send you off to sleep in minutes.

At night we were given a candle lit dinner down beside the fresh flowing rapids. Having your wife beside you, the sound of the water rushing past your dining table, the opposing cliff face lit up with candle lanterns & being able to hop off your chair to cool down your toes in the water was awesome.

I just loved the peace & quiet. Totally catered for, we ate the most spectacularly healthy food & it was all cooked on an outside fire driven stove/oven. Some other great guests to talk to if you wish (You can imagine, I made myself known.), a few complimentary glasses of red or white & then a relaxing beverage around the fire to follow – if you , ?it?s up to you.?

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As the night draws to a close, we head up to our tent. The French baths are filled (one each), the candles are lit & we sat back & talked for ages. There is absolutely nothing to do, but you are occupied the entire time. Does that even make sense? It?s the simple things that you do in the bush. Have a swim, go for a walk, read a book, watch the wildlife, take some photo?s & of course talk to each other with no interrupting modern day technology.

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If you want to relax, get back to nature, eat healthy & be somewhere that phone reception doesn?t work, make sure you get out there for a weekend! I would like to sincerely thank Steve & Heidi who own Nightfall Wilderness Camp. They have in no way asked me to post this, it is something Kerri & I wanted to share because we had such a great time. You guys were legendary? Thanks again!

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Before I go, I would like to leave you with this thought. So much of what Kerri & I experienced on our weekend away was with Mother Nature. We will most definitely return to Nightfall Wilderness Camp again & one thing that I was gratefully reminded of whilst there was: ?When we go camping, it is the seclusion, the quiet, the natural sounds, the health benefits (mental & physical) & time with your loved ones – that is just a part of what I crave.?

Camping in suburbia on top of each other has a few good benefits (time away from the stresses of work are one of them), but none of them come even remotely close from my perspective, as when you are camping in your own private peace of paradise in Australia?s Native Environment. ?It just can?t be beat!?




Click Here If you wish to contact Heidi & Steve via email.

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