Mozzies – why do they like me & not you?

I subscribe to TED talks on my personal Facebook account & I came across the most interesting talk on human microbes. But what really got me intrigued was his comments on why Mosquitoes like some of us & not others. It has definitely squashed most of the theories I have heard here at Camping Country Australia over the past 22 years. It looks like we finally now know why!

As you saw in my short blurb on the August 2015 E-Newsterrs – I came across a TED talk on my personal facebook page. It had a heading that said ?Why do some of us get attacked by mosquitos while others are ignored?? It had me intrigued & hooked within a flash. When we go camping, I have to sit my 6 year old daughter Sari in the corner of the camp & away from all of us, so we don?t get attacked ourselves?.. ?I?m just kidding!? ?The TED talk is spoken by a man called Rob Knight – a pioneer in studying human microbes. The theory on mosquitos is only a short section of Rob Knight’s talk & is only 3 or 4 minutes into his talk. But I couldn?t stop watching the rest of it. Here it is & enjoy the talk – it?s fascinating!?

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