Micro Fibre Camping Towels

Who agrees that a traditional towel is painful to use when camping? ?Me too!” They are bulky to store/pack (especially the nice fluffy absorbent fellows…), they hold a lot of water even after you have given it a decent wring out – and they take a long time to dry out. At the end of the day, they don?t work with you and?make life easy, they work against you and they?re something you have to constantly manage (especially those of us with kids that swim a lot). For those of you who are in the know, you will have heard of the microfibre towel, super compact technology that is improving
everyday. Micro fibre is most commonly manufactured from synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon. It?s so micro in design and manufacture that it is said to be finer than silk. Whilst it does come in many different forms and for many different applications, one of the most common uses it has in camping is in a compact bath towel. I would say the core three benefits in using a micro fibre towel for camping are due to its incredible water absorption capabilities, lightweight compactness, and it?s ability to dry quickly (in large that?s due to the fact we can wring upwards of 80%+ water out of the towel before we hang it to dry).

All of a sudden we have a towel with multiple uses and benefits. Small enough to fit a couple into a backpack on a decent day walk or maybe even store in your glove box – yet once unfolded, along with their impeccable water wicking capabilities, they are big enough to use as a beach towel (depending on the size of course). On the note of sizing, there are a plethora of sizes available and believe it or not, even the real little one has enough wick-ability to dry an average adult after a shower. What I have pictured here is an extra large micro fibre towel and?on it is printed all the other sizes available.

I would recommend micro fibre camping towels to anyone who is struggling for room – be that for storage in your car, camper trailer or caravan. If you?re like my folks (mum and dad are now in their mid 60?s? spring chickens as they would say!) – they love them due to the vast uses they have when touring/caravanning around (and adventure experiences they partake in). The only thing you need to do is wash them regularly?but isn?t that all towels anyway?

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  • Graham Holden says:

    I love my mice towels I use them in the bathroom at home for drying my hair and for a hand towel and after I have shaved.

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