Lighthouse Lantern

Don?t you love the latest and greatest inventions in the camping industry? This next one has taken on the new lithium ?Rechargeable? battery technology and is a real game changer!

So why do I love this product so much? It is dead easy and I will get to that in a minute….

In the mean time, the minute I hear the 3 words L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode), portable and rechargeable, I absolutely cringe! A lot of the problems we have encountered with these in the past, has actually stemmed from the fact that LED?s use incredibly low power consumption (Which is great for battery life), but it is so low that it has been known to draw batteries flat to a point. So effectively, ?it kills them?. Not a good look for a light that is perhaps only 12 months old and has hardly used.
All that has changed now thankfully, with the introduction of the new portable Outdoor Connection Lithium Battery Lantern. The advantages of lithium batteries are staggering over the conventional / standard batteries of the past. Below is what I love about Outdoor Connections new L.E.D portable Lithium Rechargeable Light.

  • ?Longer run time. (Approx. 3 hours on High / 7 hours on Low setting )
  • Recharges quicker.
  • 240 volt (home power) & 12 volt (Car cigarette lighter) chargers included.
  • Brighter. (More power means light output can be increased)
  • Lanyard holder in base to hang light upside down in a tent.
  • Has a removable Lens diffuser for 360 degrees light
  • Much lighter in overall weight with the Lithium battery. Not a problem to hang from your tent.
  • 500 Lumens in Brightness.

Lumens = Brightness.

From what I understand, Lumens is the measurement in brightness with all L.E.D lights. I don?t have a comparison to explain exactly, how bright a (one) lumen is, but I can tell you, the higher the number the brighter it is.

What is also confusing (sorry if I am repeating myself to my avid readers) is that L.E.D lights produce what is known as photon?s. As human beings, we ?see? photons as bright, when in actual fact they are often not so. This is also why we hear so many people tell us that their L.E.D light is so bright they can?t look at it, but in the next breath they are telling us the same L.E.D light is not bright enough for them to read by. Funny stuff!

Up till now, most rechargeable portable camping lights had an average of about 250-300 lumens (most were less at 215 lumens & I have seen some as high at 400). This light is rated at 500 lumens & ?Bob?s your Uncle,? we finally have something we can walk, eat and read by.

Any questions on the Lithium Rechargeable Portable Light please email me by using the form to the side.
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