KORR LED Lighting System

I decided to give Cameron from Korr Lighting a call last week and ask him how it all started. After a lengthy chat, a few laughs and some insightful technical information from Cameron on what goes into Korr’s products, I hopped off the phone in awe of what these guys have done, are currently doing, and what they are about to do. It all started for Cameron and Kirk back in 08′.

With Cameron’s 17 years experience in electronics, Kirk invited Cameron over after work to help him fit some LED lighting into his boat. The 2 little LED lights around the boat just weren’t cutting it, so Kirk came up with the ripping idea of fixing many small LED strips all around the gunnels of his boat to light up his deck. It worked so well, that is was there and then the discussion took place of offering it to all boat owners and BANG….. Korr Lighting was born.

It wasn’t long before Cameron & Kirk had customers knocking on their door to see if they could make a similar kit for camping, which they did and that is what has lead us here today with the boxed carry case, the Korr Lighting kit for camping. To find out more about it, make sure you watch the footage below. I give a full comprehensive talk on the 4 piece Korr Lighting kit and showcase how good it really is. Don’t forget to have a look at the photo’s as well.

If you have any questions, please send me an email (Click Here) or call us directly on (07) 5479 3300.

Watch My Review Video

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