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When ever Kerri, myself & our two girls head on over to mums place for dinner, the humble kitchen is my favourite place in the house to be We all seem to congregate around food & it definitely brings our quite large, extended family together. It gives you the ability to talk, eat food & prepare the nights feast all at the same time. ?Obviously I don?t do it all….. I?m male & can only do one thing at a time!?

When camping, all of the above happens automatically, we?re all under the tarp or our camper trailer/caravan awnings & the socialising aspect fires on all cylinders. That is usually until it comes to the preparation side of things. My wife Kerri has always said, ?The thing she misses the most in a camp kitchen seems to be the preparation area.? It?s the lack of it that drives her mad. Somewhere to put the salt & pepper shakers, the sauces, the lettuce, onions, dishes, cups etc…

?The Kitchen Hand? camp kitchen I am showcasing, I think fixes all of that. It is designed by a family business in Melbourne, which is something you all know I am passionate about. You can tell it has been designed by someone that loves the Outdoor Industry, as it?s features & benefits definitely flow through to the customer.

Here is why I like it. Enjoy the photo’s!:

  • Folds away nice & compact with built in carry handle for ease & portability.
  • Built in wash up basin
  • Fold down lid to gain more preparation area
  • Cup holders & utensil hooks
  • Storage rack over basin for dishwashing liquid etc..
  • Mesh Bin rack. Simply insert a bin bag.
  • Tea-towel/dishcloth holder
  • Underneath storage shelf
  • Aluminium frame construction. Makes it lighter to carry & wont rust…will last longer.
  • Supplied by a family business.

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