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Hi, I?m Kerri (or Kez) the other half of Jarrod The Camping Guru. I?m writing this to let you in on my passion; my family?s health and wellbeing; after being confronted by my very own health challenge. Everyone has different challenges, but pleasingly mine has a happy ending to it. So I felt I wanted to share it with all our Camping Country Australia family and friends and to let you know I want to bring it into the world of my other passion, camping.

In saying that I am only human is an understatement, especially when presented with delicious looking, sometimes unhealthy food. But following every one of my indulgences, I suffer the repercussions of what I call a ?food hangover?. So I try my hardest to live by the 80% healthy / 20% naughty rule. By focusing on nutrition, I have become so in-tune with my (and my childrens) body, that when I eat good quality, nutritional food, I hear my body letting me know how happy it is with me!

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto?s (an auto immune disease where the body attacks the thyroid). I was put onto medication but still struggled to rediscover the old me. Still having symptoms including depression, I was handed? an anti-depressant drug prescription…. that I refused to take. In my heart and mind I knew I wasn?t clinically depressed and something else was causing my unwellness. As you are all aware my particular experience is mine specifically and we must understand that each and everyone are different and have had our own unique life experiences.

I then decided to get a 2nd opinion. This time it was suggested that I remove all gluten from my diet! I was shocked but was keen to give anything a go to see it if would help. And it did! My food journey had started!! … Wow, Wow – my fire had been re-lit – look out world! A couple of weeks later I couldn?t believe the positive impact it had on me, my mind,? and body had cleared and I had a pep in my step again!. Symptoms that I didn?t even know were symptoms disappeared (possibly even unrelated to any thyroid issue) from my life. I couldn?t believe it!

As a mum like all mums I suggest I?m more determined now than ever to ensure my children enjoy good quality health and wellbeing and therefore live by the saying ?you wouldn?t dream of putting petrol into a diesel car, so why do it to our bodies??

I?ve discovered how good it is for people to eat organically as much possible (depending on budget etc). I?ve also learned how much over processing of ?food? is actually done to make it look pretty and taste better. What probably has astounded me the most, however, is how major ?food? companies market their products, portraying it to be healthy, whilst nasty ingredients are listed on the label, using other names to describe them to confuse us all. But I do hear that a new simplified but genuine food nutritional ?numbering? system is on the way!

I feel I have learnt as much as I can from reading and teaching myself and have developed a real yearning to learn more; and excitedly am going to pursue my passion another step further, having enrolled in a health and nutrition course I commenced last week, and I?m wholeheartedly loving it already!

The really exciting thing about this new well being adventure of mine is that it fits snugly into the hand of our family?s passion for camping – in a sense getting back to nature and enjoying wonderful food, companionship with family and friends is what makes camping such a special thing in our lives!

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