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For those of you who are relatively new to receiving our newsletters, you?ll see me on here every once in a while letting people know where I?m at with studying an Integrative Nutrition Course I?m doing. My own health problems and not getting answers led me here, so I dug deeper and discovered just how much diet affected my life. BUT, I also now realise how equally important?camping is, as it connects my family with nature?and being happy in every aspect of life makes for a happy body. You have to look at the body as a tree: you fix the problem at the roots and it grows healthy leaves.?

Ie. if you have one part of your life that you?re not happy in, it throws other parts out of whack, including your digestion, and all sorts of health issues can then pop up?. I now realise just how much it is all intertwined, and no amount of eating your greens and orange pulp is going to fix the issues if you can?t firstly take a step back and know that they?re there. So this is why I think families with a passion for camping and getting outdoors perfectly intertwines with good clean healthy yummy food. It grounds you and takes the huzz buzz out of life. It?s a win win for all? because when you?re functioning properly and relaxed, happy and de-stressed, the family whole unit functions properly!

I don?t know about any of you, but if I don?t get to hang out with old Mother Nature for a while, I get antzy? real antzy. I think in this whirlwind of life in this day and age is all to easy to get sucked up and sent into a tizzy and before you know it, half your life is gone and you vaguely remember your child as a toddler. So here?s what I think we all need to to ?Sslloow doowwn’ (this has much more effect if said in a Darth Vader voice).?

Our family has slowly but surely done that this year, making a concerted effort to get out and camp even more with the family, eat good food and exercise out in nature. By doing this we are all in a different frame of mind and everything in our lives are so much more enjoyable.

In the past when we?d head off I?d see it as an excuse to buy ?treat? food for everyone. I still do of course, because we are all human, and I don?t want to deprive my children of anything whilst another child sits there beside them munching on something that they want. But I am now so much more informed on the who, what, where, when and why, and being able to easily choose the best option of two products that look the same to my children has really made a difference with everything when we go away, right down to them sleeping better, having more energy, and no fighting in the backseat on the way home! (Every parent will appreciate that one 😉

It can be as simple as having two of the same tasting products sitting there in front of you but knowing which one has no nasties as opposed to choosing the one that may have 5. All of these slowly build up in your system over time until one day it smacks you in the face and says ?hey, you?re ignoring me, I?m going to make you sick!?. It?s great to have marshmallows, just take the time to choose the right marshmallow.

Till next time,

Kerri x

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