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As I am learning so much each & everyday & I have realised it?s ended up running so much deeper than just a pure nutrition course. It has made me look long and deep at things as a whole; family life, appreciating the people around me, being thankful, and excluding all negativity out of my life. Learning that negativity triggers particular hormones we want to live without, we clearly all need to go camping & chill out more often!

Something that co-incided with me at the beginning of this journey (and it is a wonderful journey), was one of the most awesome outdoor experiences of my life. If you read the above article in this newsletter on our trip to Nightfall Wilderness Camp, it was here that Jarrod and I ?got our Zen on?. And really reconnected with our natural environment in a way that somehow, at the risk of sounding like a hippy? bought us some inner peace. We did this by doing absolutely nothing but soak up Mother Nature?s beauty. It cleared our minds wholly and souly & puts back into perspective how good for us getting outdoors really is.

Right now in the course we are getting into some juicy nutrition stuff – which is the part I love. Amazingly, listening to other people around the world doing the same course and knowing they are currently feeling the way I once felt. Gratefully I now know the way out though my personal experience, and a major part of that is to do with the quality of the fuel that we put into our mouths. People wouldn?t put diesel fuel into a petrol car, but are happy to put the wrong fuel into their mouths day in, day out, and one day something has got to give (the car starts to breaks down). Prevention mode is a lot easier as you can imagine & that starts with the right nutrition from the word go. From the camping perspective, this excites me with healthy camp cooking and nutrition. Jarrod & I will be trialling & testing some great ideas on wonderfully healthy camping food this year & I cannot wait to share it with you. Having the energy to get active is what?s all about. ?. watch this space over the next 12 months.

Now I?m not one preaching that everybody should step up and become a green smoothie sipping kale chip eater. I couldn?t do that to start with & I don?t expect anybody else too! As I am currently learning in the Nutrition stage of my course, introducing only minimal changes here & there is the only way to do it to start with. For me, my major priority is the health of my family, my 2 little girls. In alignment with prevention, kids between the ages of 1 and 10 have some pretty big goalposts being set in their body to determine what their future health outcome is going to be like. Slowly adding in healthy alternatives bit by bit for them at a young age will ensure there is less toxic build up in their bodies & will to give future sickness far LESS of an opportunity to raise its ugly head.
As I have just learnt, a lot of the genes in our body often want to have a conference between themselves and decide if they are going to come out and play one day or not. So some, (not all), are controllable by our controllable environment – and that is up to you & I. We need to look after our children, not just for now, but try our absolute best to set those goalposts closer to make life better for them in years to come. It starts with good nutrition.

In next months E-News letter I am going to start to talk to you about what foods to introduce & why. From a different slant, I am going to be looking at part of it from the camping perspective and with how Jarrod & I have been doing it for the past 12 months. How to store the food, what to take & why that food is so good for our energy levels? allowing us to play more & be more active with our kids outside. I can?t wait!

Til next time,
Kerri xx

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