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[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Jerry Cans[/custom_frame_left] When it comes to water storage, a lot of issues arise. Where do we store it, how do we store it & it?s heavy…… how am I going to lift it. After talking with customers for the last 19 years here at Camping Country Australia, I have realised that water storage differs so much for each & every individual person. Are you towing a camper railer, caravan, box trailer, 5th wheeler? Are you in a motorhome or is it a simple as Car Camping like myself?

Whilst many caravans, trailers, motorhomes etc… have built in water tanks, my father always taught me to have a back up jerry can full of water in my vehicle as a safety precaution. For those of you like myself who don?t tow anything & who need jerry cans for water, you are in exactly the same boat. So at the end of the day, the jerry can is a real essential part of the camping kit. (Just not real exciting to talk about)

The one constant I hear from customers with jerry cans is ?I need it to fit into this size.? Because of this, I now have a range of sizes to suit:

(I would like to add, that all sizes are an approximate only & as close as I could get, with a measuring tape & the naked eye!!)

5 Litre Upright
Width: 100mm
Depth: 110mm
Height: 310mm

10 Litre Upright
Width: 160mm
Depth: 240mm
Height: 360mm

20 Litre Upright
Width: 170mm
Depth: 340mm
Height: 520mm

15 Litre Box
Width: 280mm
Depth: 280mm
Height: 300mm

20 Litre Box
Width: 280mm
Depth: 280mm
Height: 360mm

30 Litre Drum
Diametre: 285mm
Height: 530mm

60 Litre Drum
Diametre: 385mm
Height: 690mm

Having jerry cans is great, but at the end of the day we also need to get the water out of them to wash up etc….. This is where it can become a little bit tricky.

Most Jerry cans have a bung on the side of them (at the bottom) to screw a tap into, which is great. However when we are traveling with the jerry can, it is not recommended that the tap be left in, as it can damage easily. So each time you use the jerry can, you have to tip it on its side & re fit the tap or the bung. This can be heavy if it is full of water.

So quite often it could be easier to have two small jerry cans rather that one large one. Two smaller jerry cans will also usually stack better & in to smaller spaces. This can help balance the weight in your trailer or car, is easier to lift & if one of them ruptures, the other is still full (Risk management in its finest).

Depending on the cap that fits on to the jerry can, some of them will have a thread on the under side of the cap. this allows you somewhere to store the bung when it is not in use. (This has saved the loss of many a bung over the years.)

Last but not least, I have found a new tap that has changed things considerably for me personally. I now use the 20 litre box style jerry cans with which these cap-style-taps fit. The reason for this:

I am not replacing a bung & a tap constantly
It travels well. There is no tap on the side that can get damaged.
This tap is easy to use, especially for my kids. (many taps today are hard to turn)
Tap has an air inlet valve & a liquid outlet. Stops gurgling & splashing & no need to release the top cap to allow water to flow.

Any questions on the above. Please feel free to email me (Click here)

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