Jarrods World-March 2013

Rohan in town

About 8 ears ago I had a legend of a man work for us here at Camping Country Australia by the name of Rohan Brial. ?Rohan & I become great mates in the time he was here. He resides with his wife, Nikki in the picturesque land of Canada. Rohan & Nikki have two beautiful kids by the names of Oscar & Poppy (I probably spelt them wrong!). It was great to see them all. Like all good people you meet in life, it may have been 8 years since we spoke, but it felt like yesterday when we started talking! Good to see you guys.


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Maisie?s 1st day at school.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]1st day of school[/custom_frame_left] For those of you that have been following our newsletter for the 6 years. Will have seen a little bit about Maisie my eldest. From pictures of Kerri being pregnant, through to Maisie being born & now we are at her first day of school. Maisie has settled into to school well. She absolutely loves it & it looks as though she has a creative side to her mind like her dad. (If only she had the academic side of her mother!)

Under water World

Sitting in doors waiting for the rain to clear is not fun. Especially when it hadn?t pulled up stumps for 48 days in a row! Not to let that stop me, I packed up Maisie & Sari & we headed down to Under water World for a few hours. Everyone else on the Sunshine Coast had the same idea, but none the less we had a ball. Isn?t it intriguing how much kids love animals? They were both fixated on every single animal they looked at, both large & small. Sari wasn?t overly keen on the large sharp tooth animals but the seals made her laugh! Energy used well, an afternoon nap by all was required (Including dad) & some time away from the idiot box was enjoyed

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