Jarrod?s Very Own – Canvas ?Flex Bow? Tent Kit

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?Keep it simple? is the call of the day & that is what the Kodiak Flex Bow tent is famous for. It is by far the most simple tent I have ever used & by the way, it is a case of what is old is new again. I have actually seen footage of the Leyland Brothers using a flex bow tent in the 70?s?.it?s been around for quite some time. However what sets the modern day Kodiak Flex-Bow tent apart from the old style is what it is made out of. That my friends, is what makes this tent such a pleasure to use. It?s 100% pure cotton – there is no cheap polyester woven into this canvas?.period!

But before I give you a run through on the Kodiak tent, I would like to showcase the custom built ?Quick fit? awning & template floor mat, that Kerri & I have developed & built to suit our busy lifestyle.

There are 3 basic requirements that we both wanted in our camping shelter:

1. It has to be quick, easy & stress free – We are fairly time poor.
2. A cool protected outside living area – don?t live in a tent, I love the outdoors.
3. I have a severe distaste for sand in my bed – & tent in general.

With these requirements in mind Kerri & I set about designing & manufacturing ourselves a complete camping shelter kit for 1 & 2 night stays, that would make our camping experiences more enjoyable, stress free & relaxing!

Ground sheet template:

1. Kodiak Tent Camping Country Australia Comlete Camping Kit Shade Cloth Ground SheetThe main job of a ground sheet is to protect the bottom of your tent from being damaged. But Kerri & I wanted it to do so much more than that & this we achieved.

  • Made locally on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Template:
    ? Have you ever arrived a campsite & your not sure where or how your campsite will fit? We have designed this template floor so you can lay it out, move it around easily & it will give you an exact template with regards to the size & area the tent/awning combo will need.
  • No sand
    ? Shade cloth (of any quality) will act like a non-return valve when used in your awning area. Sand will always fall down through it & rarely come back up & sit on top. Great when kids are running in & out of your tent & stops most of the sand from entering.
  • Support
    ? Because Keri & I like to camp on the beach or often in areas where there is soft sand, we have sewn a reinforced vinyl patch across the front of the awning floor mat. This will help stop the awning poles from sinking into the sand & having to readjust the guy ropes constantly
  • Protection
    ? Shade cloth (Any quality) is tough. Is will stop much of the sharp sticks & stones from piercing the tent floor. not only that it wont puddle & hold water.


Quick Fit Awning:

3. Kodiak Tent Camping Country Australia Comlete Camping Kit Quick Fit Awning

  • Made locally on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Quick:
    ? Because the Kodiak Tent erects quickly & is guy rope free, we came up with the ever so simple idea of Attaching the quick fit awning to the Kodiak tent with heavy duty Velcro.
    ? Attach (Velcro) the awning to the tent before you stand the tent up & then stand the tent up with it?s 2 side poles (1/2 the job is done already)
  • Private:
    ? Optional extra side walls are available for the quick fit Kodiak awning. Made from either shade cloth that will give you privacy & still allow some air flow or solid tarp material.
  • Cool:
    ? Made from silver coated Tarp fabric. This reflects heat, makes it darker underneath & add the fact air flow can flow between the tent & the quick fit awning – we have a cooler system.
  • Strong:
    ? Included with the awning is a supporting roof rail. Not only does it add considerable strength to the awning, it is also idea to hang L.E.D lighting from & it keeps it taught & neat.


Kodiak Tent:

  • Queensland / Sunshine Coast family business
    ? You read that right! Kodiak is designed, distributed & imported by a local family business right here on the Sunny Coast. Like nearly all tents in today?s world they are made in Asia but please be assured the importer, is the actual factory owner?The husband & wife team make the tents themselves.
  • Limited Frame work – makes for Quick & Easy.
    ? This tent has such a limited amount of frame work required & that is why it is so Quick & Easy to erect. Limited poles means less to do & makes for a much lighter bag to lift.
  • It?s guy rope free.
    ? There are 4 spring steel rods that flex & absorb energy if the weather gets bad (Windy). These Rods always have constant load on the canvas & therefore keeps the cloth taught at all time. This eradicates the need for guy ropes (less pegging needed!!)
  • It?s almost noise-less in windy weather
    ? Pure cotton tents make very little noise in windy weather. No noisy polyester woven into the fabric means you will have a much less interrupted sleep.
  • It?s highly breathable
    ? Just like a cotton shirt, it breathes more. No NON- Breathable thinly applied oil based waterproof coatings here. It?s amazing!
  • It is strong – Army Duck Double Fill Cotton Canvas
    ? Army Duck Double Fill Canvas is a military designation. It means the fabric is of equal strength both ways in the weave (warp & fill). It?s hardy no matter which way its pulled.
    ? Double-fill means that 2 threads are twisted together, (these double twisted threads are woven into the canvas going both crosswise & lengthwise) giving a much tighter, much stronger, more durable & more water resistant fabric.
  • Roomy
    ? It?s only a small benefit on paper, but when used it makes for such a better camping experience. Being able to climb out of bed on your own side & not having to climb over each other improves the quality of your camping experience that little bit more.
  • Well ventilated
    ? On the Deluxe models, there are floor to ceiling windows on all four panels. In short – more window space equals more airflow.
  • Quality.
    ? Having owned & run my very own canvas business with my parents for years, there is nothing like seeing a well manufactured tent sit immaculately tight. The pictures say it all, but make sure you come in & see first hand how tight & neat they sit.
  • Water proof
    ? The Kodiak tent is treated with a Silicon based water proofing. We all know & understand the water proofing qualities of silicon from the building industry. Now available in TENTS!
  • Folds away with ease.
    ? Once the Kodiak tent is folded into shape (not rolled) the carry bag actually wraps around the tent. It doesn?t matter how big or small you fold the tent – it is always encapsulated by the carry bag & fits effortlessly. Packing up just became so much more stress free!
  • Stacks away compact
    ? The frame & tent pack away separately into 2 smaller bags & this makes packing a breeze Not only does it reduce the chance of tears & cuts (frame is not folded against cloth), it is lighter to lift & means no more having to put it on the roof in the weather.

If you have any other questions on the Kodiak flex bow tent, please email me personally or call us here at Camping Country Australia on (07) 54 793300.

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