Inskip Point camping trip

Earlier this year we took a few days off & made our way up to Rainbow Beach to enjoy a bit of R & R at Inskip Point. It?s hard to believe that this little piece of paradise is only a couple of hours from home. We went along with some good friends & they ensured that we ate like kings – came home a few kilograms heavier & chomping at the bit to get back there again soon! Here are a few pictures of what we got up to.?

It?s been years since I have been to Inskip point. So when some good friends of ours mentioned they were heading up – Kerri & I decided to tag along for a few days. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out – there was plenty of swimming had & as you can imagine?.. a lot of rubbish talked whilst sitting around the fire. For those of you who are reading this that have never been to the Sunshine Coast – Inskip Point is the gateway to Fraser Island. It?s quite unique in the fact that we camp on the beach sand just metres from waters edge & you don?t necessarily need a 4WD to get there. Fires are allowed, there are long drop toilets to use & you can even bring the pooch along. The fishing is great & it is one of the rare places where you get to see the sunrise & sunset over water (Of course something we don?t see on the east coast of Australia). The town of Rainbow Beach is only 5 minutes down the road if you forget something & as you will see by the photo?s – we did a little bit of the tourist thing & saw the natural phenomenon “Sand Blow?. Was a site to see!

Before I go – our friend Marina is South African & she gave a us a camp cooking treat that I will never forget. She called it a Braai & it is a Sunday Cooking tradition in her families household growing up. We cooked our meat (with Marina?s heavily guarded secret herbs & spices!!) in a Stainless Steel folding toasting rack. The fire was built up for an hour to create some red hot coals (meat is not cooked over flame – coals only) & then the toasting rack could be adjusted in a multi height hinged frame. Not only did it smell amazing sizzling away – the taste was to die for! Thanks for such a good time guys

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