How to Erect a Camping Gazebo

Gazebos are one of those products that we love to watch people erect. For some reason or another, nine times out of ten they always seem to end in a debacle! 

Come on now… we’ve all done it. We’re at the beach, a picnic down at the park or even at the odd campground and someone at a neighbouring event pulls out a gazebo ready to erect. You and I pull out a chair, grab a drink and sit back ready to watch the fun begin! (ie: In unison, about 1/2 a dozen grown adults are about to all fight setting up their “quick action” shelter.) 

In reality, it doesn’t make sense – as gazebos are “scissor action” designed – so when we are erecting or collapsing one, it works like a concertina system (in theory we can’t get it wrong!). But as we’ve all seen, it does go wrong – and believe it or not there are some genuine reasons why. So to help fix that problem, I have decided to put together a couple of short video’s that might make life easier for you.

Please enjoy!



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