Hi Rise Deluxe Bedding

Do you have visitors coming for Christmas & nothing for them to sleep on? What about a luxuriously comfortable Queen Size air bed that doesn?t require bending to get out of. Well check out this Deluxe High-Rise air bed!

Don?t you hate having to get up off the floor after a long nights sleep. With today’s double height air beds, we are making this a whole lot easier. One of our favourite suppliers ?The Outdoor Connection?, has developed an air bed that is nice & high up of the ground. It?s easier to get to get onto, but more importantly, it?s easier to get out of. It?s ultra compact & will fold away neat in the cupboard for the next lot of visitors to grace you with their presence. Quite innovative, it has a brand new style of inside joining baffles & this has dramatically reduced the amount of air moving around inside the bed when either party moves. The benefit of this is less movement from one side to the other & a more relaxed, uninterrupted sleep for all concerned.

Come in & see one for yourself. I have one one display to test here in-store.

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