Get A Little Spring Into Your Camping Gear

What a beautiful time of year! With the chilly Winter mornings and evenings behind us,

we now have sensationally glorious sunny days in our midst. To quote the bears from the fabled Goldilocks story, ?Not too hot and not too cold?. This is simply a fantastic time of year to be outdoors and getting back to nature. My Dad tells me that his cows are calving down at the farm, so ?. it must be Spring time.? Yippee !

The good old annual ?Spring Clean? of houses across the country commences, (hope I?m not loosing the fellas with this strange terminology) which started me thinking of the camping gear the other day. The ?home away from home? gear could certainly do with a once over from both a ?cleaning? and a ?checking? perspective.

For those of us who are the organized types, the well known Scouts? motto of ?be prepared? is certainly something that we avidly apply to our camping gear. For those of us who are not, I can hear the groaning from here ?? ?do I have to??. The short answer to this is ? ?yes, you do?. If you want to get the best out of your camping gear then routine cleaning and maintenance is a must. It is not ideal to find out the day before your next camping trip that your favourite self inflating mat that you?ve had for years, has seen it?s last long weekend in the bush with you.

So, pick any one of these beautiful sunny Spring days, get yourself outside and pull everything out! ?Everything?? ? Yes, everything! Tents, ground sheets, camper trailers, tarps, camp beds, air mattresses, sleeping bags, camp ovens, kettles, grill plates, oz pig, gas stoves, gas bottles, fridges and/or ice boxes, chairs, tables, lights, camp clothes line, water containers, camp showers and the porta potti or camp toilet set up.

Check through all your gear and give it a good once over. Look for anything that needs repairing or replacement, or just a nice spring clean before your next camping trip.

Perhaps the camp oven could do with a ?seasoning? again. If so, and you would like to know the best way to do this, then jump onto the Camping Country Australia website and refer to Pages 9, 10 & 11 of the Jarrod?s Campout Magazine ? July 2013 edition. You will find the best ?How to? on this topic to look after your favourite camp oven, by our very own Jarrod Michael, The Camping Guru. Grill plates and cast iron frypans also benefit from this same attention, that?s for sure.

Sleeping bags are another camping essential that will benefit from some Spring time attention. So if yours have not seen the light of day for a few months, then it should be out into the sunshine for them. The warm sun is amazing at airing out and refreshing things, leaving them with a ?sunshine fresh? smell too. So, drape them all over the clothes line for the day.

A few other suggestions would be :-

  • Check gas bottles.? (Fill levels, dates, and fittings).
  • Tents. (Check for signs of mould/mildew).
  • Gas stoves. (Check, clean).
  • Lights or Lighting.? (Check batteries which may need replacement, 12V leads etc.).
  • Camping toilet set up.? (Supply levels of sanitation & cleaning products).
  • Air mattresses.? (Check for any obvious signs of wear and tear or air leakage).
  • Oz Pig.? (Make sure you?ve still got yours and that the friend that borrowed it last year has brought it back!) You could also check your supply of fire fuel that you prefer to use, be it split firewood, heat beads or the fire logs.

This is a great time to make a list! Yep, I?m a list person! So trendsetters ?.. list away.

Just because this is technically a Spring Cleaning list, doesn?t mean it can?t double as your ?Wish List? either. I mean a list ?.. is a list ?.. is it not ?? So if you decide that it is time to update some of your gear, grab some more accessories for the Oz Pig or update your camping bedding – then I look forward to meeting you and seeing you in store soon, (with your list) at Camping Country Australia.

My name is Noelene and I am one of the friendly and helpful C.C.A. crew.

I?ll be only too happy to help you out, when you pop in to see us next.

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