Fraser Island Adventure – Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of our Fraser island trip is where our adventure really starts to fire! We visit the Champagne Pools – Eli Creek – Wathumba Creek, and we had the opportunity to witness one of Fraser Island’s spectacular sunsets (crystal clear skies all round!). You’re about to see why Fraser Island is my favourite place in the world to visit. It gives our family a total Nature-Immersion reboot and has to be experienced to be believed. Put it on your bucket list!


  • David Meakins says:

    Just spent a week on that fantastic Island, the usually boys week away fishing. It is easy to forget the worries of the real world for a few days & just enjoy this natural wonder. As usual, looking forward to our next trip.

  • Andrew MacDonald says:

    Hi, I’ve told you before and I will tell you again.
    You make great videos.
    This Part 2 was excellent, and has been forwarded to New Zealand.

  • Phil Allen says:

    Keep at it Jarrod and Kerri.
    One day your kids will look back at this and say that they were the best days of their life.

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