Family Bushwalks – Camping Healthy

I heard a saying once, ?There are 3 main things we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, 1:?good sleep ? 2: a healthy diet ? 3: some decent exercise!? With that in mind, last September holidays we spent a couple of weeks camping in parts of Central Queensland and one of the highlights for Kerri and I came in the form of exercise with plenty of stunning bushwalking in the naturally beautiful Cania Gorge. It was amazing to say the least and it is something our girls still talk about today. Bushwalking through one of Australia?s most amazing natural landscapes was damn good for the soul!. Here are some images from our trip – I hope it stimulates you to get your family out on the track!



  • Anne Paddison says:

    Your photos are beautiful and bring back very happy memories of our visit there just last month.

    • Kerri Michael says:

      Thanks Anne! We just loved Cania Gorge. Our children quite still talk about it. We will be going back one day I’m sure. Kerri.

  • Arthur Bray says:

    Looks wonderful?we just came back from canarvon gorge and we had mentioned that the Cania Gorge would be worth a look next time?.will have to put it on my list of things to do!

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