Did You Know Of Air Beds

I know, I know…I know! We love to hate & hate to love air beds. But guess what, they are still a last minute favourite to take camping or to give our unexpected arriving visitors something to sleep on.

So exactly what is it about air-beds that drives us mad? It?s pretty simple, they go flat on us , & when they do go flat we often don?t know why, where or how? Here are the 3 main problems we have, why the problem exists & how to eradicate the issues.

  • Issue #1:
    • Question: Why do I have to put extra air into the air bed, the second night I want to use it?
    • Answer: Air-beds are made of P.V.C & they have no braided matting or the like, within the PVC. So if inflated quite taught ready for the first nights use & two people lay on the bed for the first nights sleep (Approx. 130-150kgs +), the PVC air bed material stretches. Thus requiring extra air the next night.
    • How to fix: There isn?t a lot we can do here to fix this problem. However, if the air bed is inflated during the heat of the day, the air will shrink/condense in the cool of the night. So I make a habit of inflating air beds in the cooler part of the day
  • Issue #2:
    • Question: Why is it, when I get a hole in the airbed I can never find it.
    • Answer: It probably isn?t a hole. It is a minuscule tear in the fabric. As I mentioned above, the P.V.C stretches & if it does stretch & tear a minuscule hole it will usually be around a welded seam
    • How to fix: There are 2 answers here:
      • A. Never over inflate an air bed. Most of us love a nice firm bed. If this is the case, Don?t Buy An Air bed! As an unwritten law, I was told by a company rep about 20 years ago that, when a double air bed inflated you will almost be able to push your fist into the middle of it & nearly touch the bottom.
      • B. How to find a hole is simple. Inflate the airbed & cover it with soap suds. You will see the soap bubble up when pressure is applied to the air bed.
  • Issue #3:?
    • Question: When one of us moves, the other one feels it & it keeps us awake all night.
    • Answer: Nothing you can do about it if you want to use a double or queen size bed. Over the years queen size beds have been created with a separation baffle through the middle designed to fix this problem but it was a limited fix
    • How to fix: Put 2 single air-beds together with a fitted sheet

After all of that said above. it is by no coincidence that most air bed returns are from young families with kids. Why wouldn’t they be…??? It looks like the most exciting trampoline I have ever seen! Keep the kids from jumping on them, don?t over inflate them & always try to put something under them should you be on an awful ground base.

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