Damaged Goods In freight

When it comes to freight from on-line purchases, Camping Country Australia will only ever want your goods to be delivered flawlessly and in immaculate condition.?

  • Goods to be inspected
    • All goods must be inspected and checked for any external damage that could have appeared in transit before being signed for, upon receiving goods from freight Depot.?
    • If goods are damaged before being signed for at transport depot, we ask that you:
      • Document what visual damage has been done on the delivery/consignment note and then sign for it. Both you and the freight company will have a copy of this signed and documented delivery/consignment note, please ensure all information is on both.
      • If possible, take as many images with your phone as possible for proof of damage before you pick it up at from freight depot. ?
    • If you cannot see any visual damage to the external of the packaged boxes and you still find damaged goods internally. Can you please:
      • Take as many images as possible with your phone or camera. We will possibly ask you to SMS text or email these images to us.
      • Contact us as soon as possible upon finding the damaged goods
      • Proof of purchase via a receipt of payment will be required for any claims in damaged freight.
  • Who covers freight
    • If it is established between the customer & Camping Country Australia that the item has been damaged in freight, Camping Country Australia will organise to have the product freighted back. ?
    • If a newly purchased product is found to be damaged in freight/transport that you have purchased on line from Camping Country Australia, as a customer you are entitled to have a brand new ?replacement with no extra freight charged.?
    • Some of Camping Country Australia?s suppliers will support their own freight systems and in some cases will have sent their product direct to you. Some of these products are extremely technical (ie: 12 volt batteries, solar and refrigeration), and will require a high level of secure freight. We will assist in organising direct contact between the customer and the supplier in this instance for any freight damage. If the supplier or manufacturer is unable to assist, Camping Country Australia will cover the consumer guarantee and provide a solution.

Consumer Guarantees:

Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes the application of Consumer Guarantees that apply under the consumer law. For more information about your rights as a consumer, see the Australian Consumer Law website at ?http://www.consumerlaw.gov.au?.?