Cooking on the Fire

What is it about cooking on the fire that we love so much? I watched an amazing documentary a few weeks back and a lot of it came from memories of our childhood and apparently, our ancestors! Throughout the ages, it?s believed starting a fire is a direct sign that we?re about to be fed and?in our camping family (with two young girls chomping at the bit), there has never been a truer word said!

Growing up our camps were always ruled with fire, it?s where the fun times were had. We watched it, poked and prodded it, warmed our shins by it, ate by it, and of course it bought us together to talk by it. The campfire keeps us in touch as friends and family a bit like the household kitchen table does. As my mother always says, ?A family that eats together, stays together!? The campfire definitely fills that void when we are having our back-to-nature-fix.

Fire pit

So as I write this and with Easter just around the corner, Kerri and I are off camping with some great friends and family. We?ve decided to have an over-the-fire cook off! The rivalry is fierce and I know mine involves a smoked tomato chutney as a topping! I will keep you informed and if you want to see what we are up to, make sure you check us out on our Facebook Page – we will be uploading our pictures and stories of our Cooking On The Fire competition. I look forward to catching up with you over the Easter weekend on Facebook? see you then!!

Photo of burning campfire

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