New Camping Display

Come in and check out the new complete ?Family Camping Kit? I have created and placed on display here at Camping Country Australia. I have personally hand picked each and every product in this campsite, with the view it will make your Christmas?Camping?trip the best ever! It?s designed around convenience, organization, comfort and ease in mind, so you can have the freedom of a relaxing holiday like no other before.

With Christmas just around the corner and the festive season camp grounds awaiting your arrival, I thought it only practical to display in store a complete family campsite exactly the way that I would use it. In fact, what you are going to see is mostly the camping kit I have used on many occasions.

I have set it up down stairs in the store and?it?s?layout will allow you and your family to get right in and amongst it! It is complete with a 6 x 7?mtr?complete tarp set up with a 3 room family dome tent erected underneath. Within the campsite I have displayed the perfect family linen closet which will keep all of your kids clothing, towels and toiletries neatly stored away.

An outside awning floor mat runs parallel to the 3 room tent, to stop sand or dirt and grass, being dragged in and out of the tent. Last but not least,?there?s?all the kitchen goodies to make meal time a breeze. This includes a family dining setting, stove,?kitchen?hand with wash up basin and not forgetting the 3 shelf camp pantry (no more bending over double and going through storage boxes!) Come in and check it out for yourself.

Any questions on the camp site please email me using the form to the side.

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