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We’ve decided to run a camping technology workshop on the waters edge at River Shore Resort, Bli Bli on the 3rd of December. You see… until now, mentioning technology and camping in the same sentence has been quite taboo, but that is changing quickly! The theory is that?many of us go?camping to get away from technology, but?if we?re genuinely honest with ourselves –?starting with our modern day computerised vehicles are a great example to contradict this thought. Like it or not, whether you escape in a tent, swag, camper trailer or caravan?.. technology (ie: cars, caravans, camper trailers, computers, smart phones, solar panels, energy storage systems etc?) ?is improving our camping options and quality of life. If you?re interested in the latest camping technology and how it can improve your camping style of life? then this is for you!

I am now at a stage where my very own kids are using their ipods to capture images and footage of their camping experiences – which means I now need to charge them when out camping and they are also an item many believe should be left at home. This throws a spanner in the works from the perspective of ?should we be allowing our kids to be using technology when camping?” And unless you?ve been hiding under a rock of late? as adults, we?re using technology for our own convenience to make life easy – be it to harness the suns power to cool our nutrition, supply us light at the flick of a switch, supply pressure run water, and in my own case… to capture and record fond memories of my families adventures. It’s a case of, ?What’s good for the goose is good for the gander right?? Some of us even need technology to supply us health and security should the worst happen. Irrelevant of, I need to make it very clear that it?s not for me to dictate or decide? it?s a very individual thing. So with that said I think I had better play it very safe and say, ?I?m going to sit on the fence with this one – it?s probably all in balance!??

I would love to see you at our Camping Technology workshop. I will be showcasing exactly how Kerri and I run our campsite from an entire energy perspective. It allows us to be totally self sufficient, off the grid, and makes life when camping outdoors a breeze (pardon the pun!). Before I go and just to dangle a carrot… we will also be introducing you to a very creative mob making ?Australian Made? 12 volt lithium energy storage systems. If you want to stay off the grid for longer, in more beautiful natural destinations and with more comfort, this massive improvement in technology will deliver!

There are some confirmation details required, please click on the link below if you wish to attend and Kerri or I will respond with attendance information. ?

What: Camping Technology Workshop
When: Saturday 3rd December, 10.00am
Where: Rivershore Resort,?99 David Low Way, Diddillibah
Confirmation: Please (Click here) if you wish to attend


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  • Ann Irene Harlond says:

    Camping is doing what you love to do “so long as it doesn’t impact on others” so if people and happy to have more technology in their lives because it makes them happy, then who am I or any other person to say that is wrong. No different to me telling an old lady not to knit/crochet when camping or someone not to fish. Camping is hopefully what makes you feel peaceful in your mind. 😀 Ann

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