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Just like in our home life, we can now brighten up our entire campsite instantly with the simple flick and safety of a switch. Advances in modern technology (ie: L.E.D lighting and lithium batteries) are improving the quality of life we have when camping by making it easier each and every single day. With the introduction of anti-bug-attracting warm coloured L.E.D lighting and the latest in visually low-sensitive illumination, here is?a complete shelter lighting system that can create the most amazing, relaxing and comfortable warm atmosphere you?ve ever experienced out in the wild (your friends will be impressed!).

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Experience nature with ease

We thought deeply about how a family uses lighting when out camping and have designed the perfect lighting system with the whole family in mind. Whether that is a fixed lighting system in your sheltered entertaining area, a portable lantern to see your way to the toilet, a pin point beam to watch the nocturnal wildlife at night or a playful kids portable solar light that will give them hours of endless fun. Those are the memories that kids will remember forever!? The fact that our new lighting systems are brighter, more efficient, safer and give us light instantaneously, means we have more time on our hands to relax, unwind and get back to the good life of camping.

Whats included:

Interconnecting Shelter Lighting System

  • Custom built to suit the Home Away From Home kit -?includes light dimmers
  • 5x LED light bars and adjustable spot light interconnecting system
  • Includes orange / white changing light bars -?no more bugs when cooking!
  • Super efficient low power consumption and highly weather resistant

Portable Lantern

  • Charges through USB, in built handle winding generator and solar option availbale
  • Has built in dimmer ? create the light you need and manage the power consumption
  • Portable and compact ? ideal for a walk to the toilet or in a tent to read by.
  • Built in lithium storage ? Charge your iphone, GPS or ipod from it.


2x Kids Inflatable Solar Lights

  • Inflatable and water proof ? will float and hang in the rain?
  • Endless power ? Built in solar panel for daily charging
  • Rotating colour options ? kids absolutely love them
  • Packs flat when not in use ? simply deflate

L.E.D Hand-held Flash Light

  • Latest technology ? Samsung lithium battery quality
  • 500 lumens of power ? ultra bright for it?s compact size
  • Recharges from U.S.B ? plug into your mains power iphone chargers
  • Had an adjustable beam ? Use as a flood or spot light.

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Experience nature with ease