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The camping kitchen is most definitely the entertainment hub of the campsite. It?s where we talk, invent, create, laugh, eat, nibble, socialise, and often the place where wonderful new camping relationships are formed. Growing up my Mother always said, ?A good country kitchen keeps a family together.? That wonderful philosophy has been the driving force behind how Kerri and I have designed this exceptional camping kitchen. Not only is it simple, minimalistic and comfortable to use, it?s highly functional, clean, organised and subconsciously promotes meal time fun for family and friends.

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Experience nature with ease

There is something so very free about preparing food and cooking outside with mother nature. I think it?s the unique unrestricted feeling of an endless backdrop that makes you feel like part of the surrounding landscape. This complete kitchen camping kit allows you to prepare under the protection of your camping shelter with everything you need at an arms length. Depending on what?s on the camp cooking menu, it gives you the option to cook with the convenience of a gas stove or let your mind flow with creativity by engaging the smell, sound and visual stimulation that only a campfire can. It must be something ingrained in us from our caveman ancestors, the minute I hear the crackle of a fire my tastebuds go haywire!

What’s included:

On the Fire Kit

Spun Steel Camp Oven

  • Australian Made ? Incredible quality
  • Healthy to cook in ? Doesn?t contain any nasty?s
  • Light weight and tough ? Wont crack, shatter and easy to lift in and out of fire
  • Highly versatile ? Use as a fry pan, pizza oven, roast in, stew in and ideal for food segregation

BBQ Fire Pole Support

  • Australian Made ? Incredible quality
  • Will allow an entire range of optional extra?s to be fitted
  • Tough – ?can be used over and over

Cooking Hot Plate

Australian Made ? Incredible quality

Will allow an entire range of optional extra?s to be fitted

Tough ? can be used over and over

Double Baked Enamel Kettle

  • Great vintage style of yesteryear
  • Can be put directly on or in fire (no plastic knobs here)
  • Healthy to boil in ? no nasty?s
  • Big enough to boil water for washing up

Extension Forks

  • Ideal for toasting bread or marshmallows over the fire / coals
  • Extension handle makes for easy reach and no burnt fingers
  • Compact when storing away

On the Stove?Kit

2 Burner Gas Stove

  • Built in pressure regulator increases safety from a conventional camping gas stove
  • Over sized 2 burner surface area ? fits 2 good sized pots at once
  • Increased heat ? larger burners ideal for instant boiling or simmering with quick adjustment
  • Stainless steel cook top ? easy to clean and lasts for years

Stove Ground Plate

  • Insulated board to protect the table from stove heat
  • Allocates & aligns with the stove ? reduces movement.
  • Australian ? Queensland Made

4.5kg Gas Cylinder and Fittings

  • Ideal size to suit a 2 burner gas stove
  • Will run our 2 burner gas stove for 12 hours on high and up to 25 hours on low
  • Adaptor supplied ? Allows most Australian gas certified products to run from this bottle

Spun Steel Fry Pan

  • Australian Made ? Incredible quality
  • Tough and durable ? wont break or shatter
  • Light weight, easy to lift with one hand
  • Fod over handle ? packs and stores compact

Prepare the Food

Food Prep Table

  • Plenty of room for all of your food prep
  • Tough and durable ? will last for years to come
  • Folds in half and flat for storage

Table Cover

  • Easy to wipe down and clean
  • Australian made ? tough and good quality
  • Protects the table underneath
  • Custom built in house to fit perfectly


  • No fuss set up ? Quick fold and pack up
  • Easy access to all food ? no more bending over going through boxes
  • Bench top ? great for extra storage (ie: lights, phones, wallets)
  • Zips up closed ? keeps out inquisitive animals


  • Australian Made ? Incredible quality
  • Easy set up ? attaches to upright tent poles
  • Easy instant release for bin bags
  • Built in lid ? no more flies or ants

2x Water Cont and Taps

Healthy for the family and?BPA free

Each container holds 25 litres

2 containers makes it easier to lift and store

Dual flow tap ? easy for kids to use and great regulated flow rate

Food Prep Board

  • Over flow drip tray ? drains excess juice away from food
  • Designed locally
  • Non slip feet
  • Corner hole food dispenser ? reduces boiling water splash back

Collapsible Wash Up Basin

  • Packs flat when stored
  • Tough, long lasting and highly heat resistant silicon
  • Light weight to carry
  • Used for many storage purposes

Vintage Style Enamel Crockery 4 Piece

  • Great vintage style of yesteryear
  • Healthy to boil in ? no nasty?s
  • Lasts for years ? A ?buy it once? mantra here
  • Strong ? wont buckle and warp with heat

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Cheers, Guru.

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Experience nature with ease