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There is a wonderful warm feeling you get when climbing into your sleeping bag feeling fresh and clean ready for a comfortable nights sleep when camping. What was once considered a rare luxury of having a warm hot shower when out in the bush, is now available to us instantly with the flick of a switch! Hygiene in the outdoors is now so easily available, whether that means having the privacy of your own family shower cubicle, the cleanliness and convenience of your own portable environmentally sound (chemical free) toilet, or the luxury of an instant hot water system for kids showers, washing dishes or even cleaning your hands before you start to prepare lunch for the family.

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Experience nature with ease

A good camping bathroom can almost guarantee you the easiest camping experience you?ve ever had that is a quality of life your family will love you for! If there is ever a way to get your family back to nature and enjoying the benefits that only Mother Nature can deliver, it?s by making camping as comfortable as possible, and that starts with feeling clean no matter the environment you are in.

Bathroom Includes:

A Camping Ensuite

Toilet / Shower Cubicle

  • Enjoy the privacy of your own cubicle when camping
  • Quick erect ? throw it in the air & you?re done!
  • Impeccably high quality internal frame ? The first ?genuinely easy? quick fold cubicle
  • Includes a removable roof and in built guy ropes for support

4 x Shower Mats

  • Keep your feet up out of the mud when showering
  • Interconnecting mats ? use independently or lock together.
  • Manufactured from extremely tough plastic ? will last for years

Your Private Lavatory

Portable Toilet

  • Your own private toilet, for your own family to use
  • No more walking to the toilet in the middle of the night
  • Easy and quick for parents with young children that need a toilet NOW!
  • All new easy to use pump for young kids to operate ? mum?s not needed any more!

Waste Management Liquid

  • All natural ? non chemical based and Australian made
  • Converts waste to liquid compost
  • Can be emptied into a septic toilet system ? wont kill organisms
  • Eliminates most odour ? makes for pleasant use for both solids and liquids

Clean Bowl Paper Drop-ins

  • A paper drop-in to eliminate mess from solid waste
  • Bio degradable ? non toxic
  • Ideal for kids and easy to flush.

Shower Time

Portable Gas Hot Water System

  • Hot water in 3 seconds
  • Water heated via interconnecting gas cylinder ? will suit Australian fitting gas cylinder
  • Latest innovative technology ? Totally Portable and Lithium battery driven
  • Child heat safety cut out system, great for hot showers and washing dishes.

Collapsible Water Bucket

  • Made from tough, pliable and heat resistant silicon
  • Ultra compact ? collapses flat
  • Includes a lid
  • Weighs almost nothing ? ideal for many uses (Including kids to play with!)

4x Micro Fiber Towel

  • Compact to store ? will fit into your glove box ? the size of your hand
  • Super absorbing microfibre ? will soak up all the water after a shower
  • Dries quickly ? wring up to 80% or water out ? makes drying time fast.
  • Large enough to wrap around you and lay on at the beach

Bio Degradable Multi Purpose Soap Concentrate

  • Super concentrate ? 10ml to wash dishes
  • many applications ? bodies, clothes, dishes etc?.
  • Biodegradable ? endorsed by ?leave no trace.?
  • No mess ? sealed in a bottle and ideal for shower time.

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Experience nature with ease