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Experience nature with ease

There?s actually a lot to know about when it comes to hygiene and camping, but take my word for it, I?ve put exactly what you need in this kit. The microfibre towel is large enough to snugly wrap around you, yet it?s lightweight, compact and your body will be completely dry in one go, while the biodegradable soap can be used all over the world in all types of water including both hard water and saltwater! This kit also contains a handy little compact shovel with a clever paper storage handle?.I think you know what that is for!

Whats Included:

A Camping Ensuite

Microfibre Towel

  • Small in size ? Folds down to fit into the palm of your hand
  • Rapidly soaks water ? Will completely dry an adult with one towel
  • Dries quickly ? Hang it off your backpack while you walk ? microfibre dries incredibly fast
  • Hard wearing ? Wash and use for years of heavy travel and use

Travel Soap

  • Multi purpose ? Wash your clothes, hair, body and dishes with the one product
  • Hard and salt water compatible ? Will lather up in all types of water
  • Biodegradable ? Endorsed by ?Leave No Trace?
  • Super concentrate – Bottle is super small, compact and tough for storage

Pocket Shovel

  • Multi use ? Great for when nature calls or digging a trench around the tent
  • Smart design ? Handle slides inside blade for tiny storage design
  • Hollow handle ? A clever place to store toilet paper or a lighter

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Experience nature with ease