Active Base Camp Camping Kit

?Active Base Camp? kit came about for couples who love to tour, getaway and explore Nature. Suited for those who love camping for it?s seclusion and serenity – complimented with physical and mental exercise through seeking adventure. This unique??Active Base Camp” package?gives you a genuine secure home base that will still be standing when you arrive home from your daily bushwalk, mountain bike ride, abseiling, boating or kayaking adventure.?


When we designed the kit,?there was a lot of thought that went into the way I personally like to camp and how I like it to be versatile – it offers endless options regardless of location and length of stay. It gives you the option of a super quick overnight stay in an tall weather tent or even better: if you stay longer because you?re having so much fun, you have a 20?x14′ tarp to improve your camping environment with all your adventure toys under one roof.??Active base camp??package is minimalistic – everything included is simple, slick and the highest of quality – perfect for the practical adventurous couple. It will take you off the beaten track to test it in the middle of the outback or mountain top – it?s ready to perform for the toughest of camping challenges!

Experience nature with ease

Active Base Camp Kit?Includes

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    Yep?. you?ve earned it! Forget what day of the week it is, let the day take you and explore without a schedule or any deadlines for as long as it takes. I have designed a tailored Long Stay shelter package that is perfect for adventurous couples no matter their age…

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  • Campsite Sleeping Icon


    Feeling good is important to all of us and top of most people?s list is a good night?s sleep when camping out. My wife Kerri and I have searched high and low across Australia to provide you the most comfortable camp sleeping package you?ve ever experienced…

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    My wife Kerri has a saying at mealtime, ?Let the man shine?. This is usually an early one in the day when she sends me off to catch the fish for the night?s feed (it makes me feel important!).?When it comes to a couple at tucker time, each person has their own job don?t they?

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    Sitting & Dining

    I don?t know what it is about sitting in our favourite camping chair around the campfire – when camping by ourselves it?s a time and place where Kerri and I often like to talk about planning our family?s future or our next great camping adventure…

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  • Campsite Lighting Icon


    The lighting package I have designed has come about from some wonderful feedback from you? my customers! The desired outcome for the perfect lighting package really got down to how you use lighting when camping and what situation you need it for…

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  • Camping Package Hygiene Icon


    There is nothing like coming home from a day full of adventure and you have the comfort of an instant hot shower awaiting you. Even better is knowing that you can clean up in the privacy and luxury of your very own quick set up camping ensuite…

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    Refrigeration & Energy

    When you think about it, the better our refrigeration and energy system is for camping ? the more remote we can be and for longer periods of time. In short, it?s all about supplying us one of the most important necessities of life ? our nutrition!

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