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Our social contribution to a camping community is to ensure we are providing the best possible gear and advice to suit your own type of adventure. Therefore – you will not find a cluttered pile of irrelevant camping gear on our website. (That will probably end in disaster!)?

For exceptional camping experiences, we have scoured Australia for the highest quality camping gear available? collaborating three totally tailored camping kits that give more ease, relaxation and more adventure than you could ever imagine! Even if?you?ve never been camping and are unsure about it all – we also do custom designed kits with your lifestyle in mind. We understand innately, that it?s about reconnecting you with Nature and creating family memories. So if you can?t find exactly what you are looking for – make sure you contact us personally? we?d love to help you out.??That?s our responsibility!? ?Contacting us is as easy as calling on 07 5479 3300 or filling out the question form on the bottom on this page.. speak soon!

?The Best Gear… to Have the Best Camping Experience Ever!

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The Home Away from Home Kit?came about for us?out of necessity. Due to our love affair and desire for the natural world environment and our increasingly busy home and work lives, we needed to disconnect our family from the modern world and reconnect our senses with mother nature more often than ever before.


The?All In One Adventure?kit?is designed for those who crave the adventurous lifestyle! Whether you want to take a 12 month career break to recharge the batteries with a guided tour to Everest Base Camp, a weekend kayak trip up the Nymboida river system of northern N.S.W, or to pack the bare necessities to attend your local music festival, the?All In One Adventure?kit?will get you there!


?Active Base Camp? package?came about for couples who love to tour, getaway and explore Nature. Suited for those who love camping for it?s seclusion and serenity – complimented with physical and mental exercise through seeking adventure. This unique??Active Base Camp” package?gives you a genuine secure home base that will still be standing when you arrive home from your daily bushwalk, mountain bike ride, abseiling, boating or kayaking adventure.

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