Camping Guru 2016 Camping Experiences

As you can imagine – we had many a camping trip in 2016. Mainly local areas and many of them so beautiful! ?(Aren?t we lucky here on the coast?!) I just thought I would put together a batch of happy snaps of what we got up to!?

Hope you enjoy them? Here?s to many great camping trips in 2017!?


  • Wayne Binfield says:

    Oh dear, don’t call that camping. If so, I have a lot to learn. To me it is not even motor-homing; It’s Homing-on-Wheels. Absolutely incredible. Don’t let my wife see it, she’ll want one and then she will want to come with me.

    Congratulations mate. Looks like it was a lovely trip.

    • Jarrod Michael says:

      Hahahah…. Yes Wayne – it was incredible! To be really honest, a motor home is not so much my cup of tea – but it was something that I most definitely had to try (especially when in the U.S.A – as the saying goes: “When in Rome”) & can I just say that I am so very grateful for the experience I was given! Thanks Wayne – Cheers, Jarrod.

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