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Rumour has it, we?re all getting a little soft as we get older when it comes to the cold & camping. Who would have thought a few years ago that we would be taking heaters away with us camping? With an increase in fires being banned in some camp grounds, I have noticed a large increase in camping heater sales over the past few year. To date, camping heaters have been incredibly dangerous & their heat output has been laughable……… ?That is until now!? Primus have just produced what I consider the best camping heater I have ever?seen. For those of you lacking storage space in your caravans, camper trailers of motor homes. This little beauty called the ?Portable Buddy?, is compact, light weight & with a fold down handle will store in a fairly compact area.

Being a father of 2 young girls & paranoid about safety, the Portable Buddy camping heater has 3 features that blow most other camping heaters to the weeds:

1. It has a built in Low Pressure Regulator.

  • Regulators reduce the gas pressure from your gas bottle to your product (Turns it from high pressure to low pressure). The major benefit here is the fact it will aid in stopping your gas heater fuel into a ball of flames should your heater fall over.
  • (Note: Most camping gas heaters are classed as high pressure. This means there is no regulator (other than a small jet) & they are screwed directly onto a gas bottle. If they tip over, raw liquid gas is injected into the gas jet of the heater & it causes a large flame to blow out through the burner. (Very dangerous))

2. Built in tip-over safety shut-off system.

  • If the Portable Buddy does tip over, not only does it have the added safety of a regulator (mentioned above), it also has a tip-over safety shut-off valve that is activated.
  • (Note: Heaters should never be left unattended ay any time)

3. Low oxygen cut off valve.

  • The heading speaks for it self. If the oxygen level starts to reduce too much there is a built in cut off valve.
  • All camping heaters must be kept in a ventilated area & are for use outdoors only. Unfortunately if you wish to use a camping heater inside a tent, camper van, caravan or camper trailer, it is illegal to do so.
  • (Note: Gas Heater use oxygen & they produce Carbon Monoxide which is odourless. This can be fatal & as you can imagine has happened in extremely cold countries like Europe & the U.S.A. It?s pretty simple….just keep it in a ventilated area)

So, the big question is, ?Will it keep me warm?? In short YES! However there are many, many variables. How cold is it, where is the heater position/situated, how many of you sitting around it, how high have you got it turned up….etc???

The only way I can answer this is by quoting the specifications given by the supplier & they are:

  • Will heat approx. 18 sqr mtrs
  • Will produce 9000 B.T.U?s of heat on high & down to 4000 B.T.U?s of heat on low.
    • B.T.U?s stands for British Thermal Units. Whilst I cannot correlate this to anything that will explain the heat output, I can give you this fact. Most camping gas heaters I have had in the past, have had a maximum of up to 4000-5000 B.T.U?s of heat. So the 9000 B.T.U?s of heat that the Portable Buddy puts out, is brilliant!
    • Come in & let’s spark one up. nothing like feeling the heat first hand.

The gas consumption of the Portable Buddy is 189 grams of gas per hour on high. It runs on non-refillable gas canisters that contain 465 grams of gas. This will give you 3 hours on high & up to 6 hours on low.

Come in & have a look at one for yourself. As with everything I put on the shelf here at Camping Country Australia. The Portable Buddy is:

  • A very high quality product that I have individually sourced myself.
  • Primus is a privately owned company here in Australia (the name is used under license).
  • Fits with in our guarantee here at Camping Country Australia.

?If I wouldn?t use it, I won?t sell it….guaranteed!?

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