Camping at Inskip Point

The last time we camped at Inskip Point was around Easter 2015. It was our first time camping with another family who we didn?t really know too well – both families were brought together via our young girls who had become friends at school (I can picture many of you nodding your head and?smiling having gone through the same experience). Two years later our families have become best of mates and?many a camping trip has been had since. When you think about it, camping does that doesn?t it? It brings people with a common interest together and?wonderful friendships and?memories are forged. In anticipation, I thought I would share some of our great photo?s from that Inskip Point camping experience a couple of years ago and?to our great friends who came with us? let?s go camping again soon!


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  • Rachel says:

    What beautiful photos:) Makes me want to pack the family up and the dog and head off in our old poptop. You’re giving your kids fantastic childhood memories. Cheers

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